The world of enjoyment has been undergoing a sustainable revolution for some time now - and Discarded Spirits is at the forefront of this movement. This innovative brand not only redefines the taste of vermouth, vodka and rum, but also focuses on an alternative idea: zero waste cocktails made from supposed "leftovers". Waste tastes beautiful - and it shows in every sip of the delicious Trio spirits.

Zero waste drinks that lose zero taste

Discarded Spirits deliberately uses ingredients that would otherwise quickly end up in the garbage can to create exciting flavors that give their drinks that certain something: The otherwise discarded remains of the coffee berry end up in Sweet Cascara Vermouth, the banana peel creates the sweet and fruity Banana Peel Rum and the Grape Skin Vodka would not be the same without the base of marc from Chardonnay grapes, which is left over from the winemaking process. The idea of transforming food scraps into high-quality spirits leads to unexpected taste experiences that enliven your senses.

Get a taste for it in Cologne's bars

You really want to try Discarded Spirits? There are already 39 bars in Cologne that conjure up zero waste cocktails with sustainable Discarded Spirits. A Negroni with Sweet Cascara Vermouth or a Daiquiri with Banana Peel Rum are just some of the creative combinations you should definitely try. With every sip, you not only get to enjoy delicious drinks, but also make a statement for sustainable consumption. And why not combine testing a new drink with a new bar discovery? Have you already been to the Monkey Bar, Woods or Bar Botanik, for example? Then it's high time you did! Take a look around:

In addition to the taste and creativity of the bottle design, we also think Discarded Spirits is just nice because of their sustainable packaging: the 100% recyclable bottles, caps made from recycled zinc, labels made from sugar cane waste and corks made from surplus ground cork granules show that sustainability is close to this brand's heart. We love it!

Shake it! Conjure up your own Discarded Spirits drinks

Incidentally, there are recipe cards for each of the Discarded Spirits, which you can use to conjure up your own zero waste cocktails. How about a Banana Mule, Cascara Negroni, Espresso Martini or Grapeskin Martini? Psst, the Espresso Martini is very popular with us. Whether you mix it yourself or in a Cologne bar: you should definitely try the zero waste cocktails with Discarded Spirits!

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