Your green fingers are limited and cut flowers wither too quickly for you to reconcile it with your heart for sustainability? Then it's probably time to invest in dried flowers. How good that a whole store near Munich has been set up for this purpose: Münchner Blumenmadl'n.

Jamila and her husband Philipp are behind the store in Brunnthal. While looking for sustainable and reusable flowers for their wedding, the couple realized that the alternatives in the Munich area were very limited. As Jamila had already founded a small business for event decoration rental in 2018, the idea of getting into the dried flower business was not far off. In October 2020, it was already time to say welcome to Munich's first dried flower store, Münchner Blumenmadl'n.

© Munich flower girl

"Flowers make our hearts laugh, throwing them away makes our hearts cry" (Jamila, founder)

The fact that Münchner Blumenmadl'n is a family business can be seen from the sourcing of the dried flowers. Some of them come from Jamila's aunt in northern Germany. Another part is dried in the store itself and the rest is sourced from regional wholesalers. You can now find more than 50 different varieties on site - protea, poppy, russet, palm leaves, hydrangea, pampas grass and Jamila's current favorite, hare's tail.

© Munich flower girl

A visit to the Münchner Blumenmadl'n is definitely - in the best sense of the word - colorful. You have the option of buying individual dried flowers or ready-made bouquets or having them tied as you wish. If you like to wear flowers in your hair or hang them on your door as a flower arrangement, you can look forward to beautiful flower wreaths tied by Jamila and her team.

In addition to dried flowers, there is a lot more to discover on the store shelves: vases, vases, flower pictures, decorative items, candles, infinity roses and much more. Interior design fans should feel right at home here. If the journey to Brunnthal is too far for you, you can browse through the online store of Münchner Blumenmadl'n. Although you won't be able to enjoy the advice of Jamila and her team here, the Münchner Blumenmadl'n are also well equipped virtually.

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