The fact that vegan enjoyment of many dishes has nothing at all to do with abstinence should no longer be news. When it comes to ice cream, however, the selection of vegan varieties is often still quite meagre or limited to sorbet. Not so with the Eisbrunnen manufactory: They provide you with delicious, creamy, plant-based ice cream to enjoy at home.

Feasting on vegan ice cream without compromises: Not so easy if you don't just want to fall back on sorbet. Lucy didn't want to settle for that either, which is why she simply took matters into her own hands and founded Eisbrunnen - The Plant Based Creamery around two years ago. The manufactory produces homemade vegan ice cream using selected ingredients, which you can take home in 480 ml tubs at a factory outlet. The ice cream is made from regional lupins and, depending on the variety, soy or oats and peas are added. The highlight: it tastes like conventional animal milk ice cream and is in no way inferior in terms of creaminess.

From classics to unusual varieties - there's something for everyone

Lucy had to do a lot of tinkering, because creating the perfect taste and a creamy plant-based consistency at the same time is not that easy. Now that we've had the chance to try the range, we can say: it's definitely a success! The selection of flavors is large and ranges from ice cream classics such as stracciatella to fancy creations such as Earl Grey blood orange, bee sting or lavender-blueberry-almond. We opted for the latter two - along with strawberry cheesecake, pistachio and Mediterranean hazelnut - and were convinced: if it had been a blind tasting, we would never have tasted that we didn't have milk ice cream in our cups.

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Vegan, regional and in sustainable packaging

No matter which variety you choose: You can definitely eat with a clear conscience, because not only are no animal products used, the ingredients also come from regional suppliers and manufacturers as far as possible and are organic and Fairtrade quality. Another important point has also been considered: the boxes in which you take the ice cream home are made from sugar cane fibers and are therefore fully compostable.

The factory outlet: taste and take home afterwards

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You can currently get the ice cream fountain boxes every Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 in Schleißheimerstraße. Although this is not an ice cream parlor, but a factory outlet for the cups to take home (by the way, the 480ml make about 6 scoops of ice cream), you can always taste a few varieties in advance to make your decision easier. At between 8.90 and 9.90 euros, the tubs are admittedly not cheap, but we think the price is justified when you consider the quality of the ingredients and the craftsmanship. By the way: there will be a pop-up ice cream parlor on Lehnbachplatz from May. And who knows, if things go well, it might even stay longer.

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