Have two years already passed? 👀
GAG Immobilien AG 's competition for up-and-coming Cologne musicians and bands, or rather"Your song for Cologne", is back and waiting for you!

Tell us about it!

Art and culture are important for the successful development of the city of Cologne, and not only we at Rausgegangen know that 😉.

For 10 years now, GAG Immobilien AG has been committed to promoting young artists and their talents. They also promote a sense of togethernessin our city.
That's clear. It's not for nothing that talented musicians sing the most beautiful songs about our favorite city on the Rhine in"Your Song for Cologne".

100 applications with the best songs about Cologne, 6 jury members and a preselection later - 10 finalists will be on stage at GLORIA on October 19. Then it gets serious. Who will secure one of the first three places and with it the prize money of 1000 - 5000 euros?

You shouldn't miss out on this opportunity! Are you a passionate musician or do you even have your own band? Then go for it.

You can still apply for your song for Cologne until May 26:

& this is how you take part:

It's actually quite simple. You or your band should not only have the music, but also Kölle in your blood and let that come across as closely as possible in a song. However, there are a few points to bear in mind and then you can start applying!

Dos and don'ts when applying

✅ You like to sing and have music in your blood
✅ Cologne is more than just a city for you. Cologne is home for you & you can hear that in your song!
✅ You are the author:in the submitted music

❌You are already under contract with an agency.
❌Your song has already been submitted to another competition.

Actually pretty easy, isn't it?
So what are you waiting for? Apply with your song for"Your Song for Cologne" by May 26 and win the prize!

You can also find more information on the GAG Immobilien AG website - good luck!

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