Do you like to go treasure hunting? Cologne also has some great flea markets in 2024 that we don't want to keep from you! We went in search of the best flea markets in Cologne and found what we were looking for! Now nothing stands in the way of a cozy flea market day.

Flohmarkt in der Kölner Altstadt

So, 31.03.2024 11:00
Free admission

We start with a classic! At the flea market in the old town, you can browse through the many colorful stalls while enjoying the view of the Rhine. For over 40 years, people have been dawdling and selling here in a beautiful setting. A huge range of antiques, books, records, jewelry, furniture and much more awaits you here! The flea market takes place once a month.

Lifestyle-Flohmarkt Rheinauhafen

So, 31.03.2024 11:00
Free admission

Attention vintage fans! Here you'll find fashion, modern and antique jewelry, but also lots of art and design treasures. You're sure to find your next holy grail here! If you prefer to sell something, you can rent a stall for 2 days from €120. The flea market takes place once a month.

Antikmarkt Neumarkt & Rudolfplatz

Fr, 08.03.2024 11:00
Free admission

Do you love antiques and classics from the 50s to 70s? Then you've come to the right place! Stroll around all weekend long, rummage, find bargains and all this right on the Rhine. You can get your own stand here for €20 per meter. The flea market takes place once a month.

Flohmarkt Riehler Gürtel

So, 07.04.2024 11:00
Free admission
Riehler Gürtel

A book collectors' and flea market takes place several times a year in one of Cologne's most beautiful squares. In the Riehl district, right next to Cologne Zoo/Flora, over 150 exhibitors offer a wide range of books, rarities and bric-a-brac. The traders stand between the trees on an avenue, giving the market a French flair. The market always starts at 11 am and ends at 6 pm. New items are also prohibited here, making it an ideal setting to find a vintage treasure. The flea market takes place once a month.

Flohmarkt P6, auf dem Parkplatz vom RheinEnergieStadion

Flohmarkt P6, auf dem Parkplatz vom RheinEnergieStadion
© waldemar
So, 10.03.2024 11:00
Free admission

Directly behind the Jahnwiesen, opposite the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, you'll find the P6 flea market at Salzburger Weg 13. Here you'll find a cool mix of antiques, rarities, second-hand treasures and all sorts of things from the 50s and 60s. Everything from old records to stylish vases and glasses. A colorful mix for anyone looking for something special!

Flohmarkt Nippes

Flohmarkt Nippes
© Sasha Matveeva via Unsplash
So, 18.02.2024 11:00
Free admission

In Cologne-Nippes, the Wilhelmplatz really gets going several times a year. With over 150 traders, the square becomes a total treasure hunt zone. There's everything from antiques to old stuff from all over the neighborhood. And the best thing is: the whole thing takes place once a month. So, if you fancy a bargain and a cool atmosphere, check out the flea market on Wilhelmplatz!

Antik- und Designmarkt in der Flora

So, 17.03.2024 11:00
5,00 €
Flora Köln

Several times a year, the magnificent building in the Botanical Gardens hosts a market with chic old things and design classics. Stop by if you fancy something like that!

Floh- & Antikmarkt am RheinEnergieStadion

Floh- & Antikmarkt am RheinEnergieStadion
© clem-onojeghuo via unsplash
So, 24.03.2024 11:00
Free admission

It's all happening here: the flea market takes place behind the RheinEnergieStadion with a mix of junk and antiques. Perfect for a great shopping trip, without any stress and with plenty of (even free) parking spaces!

Bücher- und Kunstmarkt am Apostelnkloster

Sa, 27.04.2024 10:00
Free admission
St. Aposteln

At irregular intervals, a very special world opens up for visitors and dealers - a place where a diverse range of old and modern antiques and artistic performances are waiting to be discovered. A unique atmosphere is created several times a year, creating space for exciting finds and artistic inspiration.


Sa, 27.04.2024 10:00
Free admission

We always go into raptures at the yard flea markets! We love the special atmosphere, because neighbors, friends and strangers open their doors everywhere, decorate their private gardens and backyards and invite you to linger. In many corners, love is in the details, so you can be handed a home-baked waffle through the window, music is spontaneously played in front of the house and colorful balloons decorate the streets - that's how you recognize the next flea market corner. A great opportunity to get to know your city better - highly recommended! If you want to take part and sell old things yourself, you pay a participation fee of 12 euros per house number.


So, 18.02.2024 11:00
2,00 to 4,00 €

Go hunting with the girls. On the hunt for real treasures. At girls' flea markets you can find clothes, jewelry, accessories and many other beautiful things. The best thing about shopping at flea markets is that it's much more sustainable and you'll find treasures that no one else has! It's also fun to rummage through the different stalls.

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Frequently asked questions about flea markets in Cologne

1. which means of transportation are recommended to reach a flea market in Cologne?

  1. Öffentlicher Nahverkehr (ÖPNV): Hüpf in die Straßenbahn oder den Bus. In Köln gibt's eine gute Auswahl an Linien, die dich fast überall hinbringen. 
  2. Fahrrad: Wenn du auf zwei Rädern unterwegs sein willst, ist das Rad eine sehr gute Option. Köln ist radfreundlich, also ab auf's Fahrrad und los geht's.
  3. Fußweg: Wenn der Markt um die Ecke ist, schnür die Schuhe und mach einen Spaziergang. Köln ist auch zu Fuß easy zu erkunden.
  4. Auto: Keine gute Option, an Markttagen gibt es häufig kaum Parkplätze und du sorgst für verstopfte Straßen und Stau, nimm lieber die Bahn. ;-)

2 How can I pay at flea markets and flea markets in Cologne?

Cash is the most common method of payment at flea markets in Cologne, although some sellers also accept card payments or mobile payment services.

3. which products are offered at flea markets in Cologne?

Flea markets in Cologne offer a diverse range of products, including second-hand clothing, antiques, household goods, books, toys, electronics, furniture, handicrafts and much more. The selection varies from stall to stall, and you can often find both vintage items and modern second-hand goods.

For fresh fruit, vegetables and local delicacies, visit a weekly market in Cologne.

4 How do flea markets and flea markets in Cologne differ?

In Cologne, the terms "flea markets" and "flea markets" are often used interchangeably. As a rule, both markets offer second-hand goods, including antiques, clothing, household items and more.

5 How can I sell at flea markets in Cologne myself?

Here you will find (almost) all flea and flea markets around Cologne as well as the possibility to register your own stand.

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