The same question every day: "What do I cook?". If you're looking for inspiration away from your cookbooks, here are six food blogs from Munich that could help. No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen - there are recipes here for every level of difficulty.

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Splendido Magazine

Splendido magazine focuses on cooking, eating, good food and people who produce and process food. Mercedes Lauenstein and Juri Gottschall are behind the magazine. Located somewhere between Munich and Italy in terms of heart and stomach, it should come as no surprise that delicious recipes such as tiramisu, pasta with salsiccia or orange risotto can be found here. But that's not all. You'll also find knowledge to show off in Splendido magazine: for example, you'll learn the difference between Parmesan and Grana Padano or mozzarella di bufala and fior di latte. Knowledge that you can use to show off on your next vacation to Italy. What also sets Splendido magazine apart for us: a visual language that is a real feast for the eyes.

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culinary pixel

On culinary pixel, you will not only find recipes, but also perfectly staged photos of delicious dishes. No wonder, since the blog was created by food photographer and journalist Annette Sandner. But it's not just classics such as quiche lorraine or roast pork that you'll find here - you can also recreate the dishes from Spezlwirtschaft. Their spinach dumplings are far too good not to try yourself. In addition to beautiful photos and recipes, you will also find culinary travel reports, hotels, restaurants, wine recommendations, drinks and stories about producers and manufactories on the blog.

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Munich cuisine

There's much more than just veal sausages and sauerkraut on the Munich Kitchen blog. Here you will find recipes for sweet and savory dishes and even drinks to make. How about a classic potato gratin, beef roulades with potato and red cabbage dumplings or Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce? Munich-based kitchen blogger Ines will make sure that you really succeed with everything. She is behind the food photos, witty texts and varied recipes. As she was born in Baden-Württemberg, you can look forward to some Swabian classics as well as Bavarian ones.

© Sabrina Kiefer & Steffen Jost / Feed me up before you go-go

Feed me up before you go-go

Culinary delights from Munich, New York and the rest of the world promise you Feed me up before you go-go. If you visit this food blog, you'll have an earworm before you've even started cooking. But Sabrina and Steffen's creativity doesn't end with their names: They also like to create their own recipes and drinks from time to time. For them, the focus is always on enjoyment - whether in their own kitchen or on the go. So let your taste buds take you on a journey and enjoy sweet potato galette with egg, Japanese sticky rice balls with sweet soy sauce or Finnish butter eyes with cardamom. There are also a number of unusual recipes for vegetarians. In addition to cookbook recommendations, you can also find restaurant and café tips from all over the world. So you get your wanderlust for free with your hunger.

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Bread wine

Since corona, baking bread has become very popular again. But what types can you bake and how do you do it? At Brotwein - the blog for bread, wine and more - Sylvia will be happy to help you find the right recipe. She is passionate about cooking and knows how to present food in an authentic way. So you can easily conjure up spelt pretzels, French baguettes or Holstein country bread from the oven. Brotwein also offers seasonal recipes that are about more than just bread. And on top of that, there are plenty of wine tips so that you always have a suitable accompaniment to your meal.

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Madame Cuisine

Welcome to the Food & Leisure Blog of Madame Cuisine! Even as a little girl, Sonja loved preparing breakfast for others. Since then, her skills have naturally improved and so she shares her cooking skills (and sometimes her attempts) with you. You'll find everything from quick pasta dishes to curries and bowls. But you'll also find sweet things like Americans, cakes, muffins and the like. It shows that cooking doesn't always have to involve a lot of effort and is definitely better than any ready-made meal.

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