Art also exists outside the big museums. Munich has a number of small exhibition spaces and platforms to offer that promote young artists and the creative subculture. Best of all, the offers are mostly free!

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Students at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität may have already noticed the exhibition space, as they walk past it every day. The AkademieGalerie is located in Munich's underground, directly at the exit of the Universität subway station. Students of the Academy of Fine Arts have the opportunity to present their works here in changing exhibitions. The projects are always specially designed for the space and can usually be admired in the evening in the presence of the artists.

Tip: Once a year, always at the end of the summer semester, the AkademieGalerie is also part of the annual exhibition of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste.

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The Klohäuschen is probably the smallest place on our list. The approximately 8 square meter space, which is located in the Klohäuschenhaus at the west entrance to the Grossmarkthalle in Munich, has been used by realitaetsbüro for various projects since 2009. The Klohäuschen is not a normal exhibition space, gallery or museum. The outhouse is a free space. Whether as a sloth cage, vacation apartment, kitchen studio, grotto, Bulgarian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, forest, lecture hall or recreational area - the outhouse is used in many different ways and surprises its visitors time and again.

Tip: No matter what time of day you visit, the toilet block is always visible from the outside - unless there is no exhibition taking place.

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Lorraine Hall 13

The career of Lothringer Halle 13 began in 1980 as an art workshop in a factory building in Haidhausen. Today, international contemporary art is shown there - free of charge. The Kunsthalle der Stadt München is a non-commercial and municipal institution that offers visitors changing group exhibitions and a varied supporting program. In addition to the art, there is also the Lothringer Halle 13 lounge, where you can read, meet friends and have a drink at reasonable prices.

Tip: There are lots of (hard to find) art magazines to browse through in the Rroom.

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The boundary between inside and outside disappears in the super+ CENTERCOURT. Through the two large display windows, which make up two of the four walls, visitors can see everything important at a glance. It's always worth taking a stroll past and discovering which works are hanging on the walls this time.

Tip: At vernissages you have the unique opportunity to actually enter the gallery.

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Maximilian Forum

The Maximiliansforum is located in the middle of the expensive Maximilianstrasse: a former underpass that was converted into an exhibition space in 2000. Exhibitions, installations, talks, discussions, performances and actions take place at regular intervals in the municipal art space. The main aim is to stimulate social and cultural discourse.

Tip: The escalators leading to the Maximiliansforum have been out of service for years and have been planted - looks great!

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Art arcades

You can recognize the bright orange from afar. The Kunstarkaden are hidden in the middle of the city center. Young artists from a wide range of cultural backgrounds are exhibited in the exhibition space. The Kunstarkaden provide a platform for contemporary art - right next to the Old Town Hall.

Tip: You can also stop by here briefly with a visitor from another city to look at some art and relax between the tourist program.

Paint store

At Farbenladen, you can't buy paint, you can look at art. Here, Munich's young pop culture has an opportunity to present itself and show what it can do. Painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video art, street art or fashion design - everything related to subculture and pop culture can be exhibited here. After all, youth and pop culture consists of more than just music.

Tip: The Farbenladen is part of the Feierwerk and is located right next door. It's a great place to combine a visit to a vernissage with a concert or dancing.


The small, versatile, non-commercial off-space fructa is located right next to the Kreativquartier. A wide variety of innovative exhibitions take place here, which often extend beyond the premises. In addition to the local presentation, the projects are usually expanded physically and digitally.

Tip: If the showrooms are closed, it's worth giving them a call - don't be shy.

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