Giving gifts is fun. But you often run out of good ideas. That's why we've collected a few gift ideas for you that will not only delight the recipient, but also support Munich start-ups, restaurants and cultural venues.

1. more than just a game: voucher for FC Bayern Basketball at the Audi Dome

Do you want to experience a unique atmosphere where you can't sit still for five minutes? Yes? Then you should definitely visit the Audi Dome and attend a game of the FC Bayern basketball team. The Audi Dome in Munich's Westpark is much more than just the sporting home of the Bayern basketball team. It is one of the most historic halls in Germany - and at the same time an extraordinary event location for all kinds of events. The FCBB venue was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics to host the basketball competitions. The Bayern basketball team has been playing in the renovated and constantly modernized arena since the 2011/12 season. It currently seats 6,500 spectators and regularly hosts top basketball in the Bundesliga and the EuroLeague.
Of course, no one can say when games will be allowed to take place in the Audi Dome again, but a voucher like this won't expire so quickly and your favorite club will thank you for it.

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2. practical fun for outdoors: a sustainable barbecue for your bike from Knister Grill

What else do we like to do in summer besides swimming, going to the beer garden and cycling? Barbecuing! Preferably somewhere on the Isar. However, disposable barbecues leave behind so much garbage that our environmental hearts cry out loudly. Thank goodness for clever people with good ideas like KNISTER GRILL. The KNISTER GRILL is a charcoal grill optimized for bicycle transport in the city. Simply attach it to the handlebars of your bike and off you go! It only takes a few seconds to attach it to your bike - no screws required. At the barbecue site, the barbecue is easily removed from the bike and can be doubled in size as required. So you can barbecue with three or even eight friends.

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3. have sustainable T-shirts or pullovers embroidered as desired at WiLLi

Behind the Munich label WiLLi are Ute and Alex, who both work in fashion, and their son Willi. They pursue a very special strategy with their shirts and sweaters: anyone can send them their own doodles or drawings, which they then embroider or print onto high-quality cotton products.

This is also how the cooperation around the T-shirt #onepopmakesadifference with Studio What The Fish and the Coordination Office against Domestic and Sexualized Violence of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege Bayern came about. When you buy the shirt, 100% of the proceeds go to women's shelters and advice centers. So if you want to give something very personal for Christmas: at WiLLi you can have selected T-shirts and sweaters individually embroidered.

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4th gourmet voucher incl. entertainment: breakfast or watching Tatort at München72

Particularly important in these times: #supportyourlocalgastro. The easiest way to do this is to diligently buy vouchers from your favorite restaurant or give them as a gift. After all, anticipation is always the greatest joy. A tip from us: the München72.

If your must-see program every Sunday evening is "Tatort" and your own four walls are getting on your nerves a little, you can also head for München72. This is where you can traditionally watch the crime drama on the big screen every Tatort Sunday. You don't have to worry about food and drink here either - burgers and beer are available at a special price. Just as nice: breakfast at München72. Depending on your current fitness level, you can choose between a gymnast's, runner's or weightlifter's breakfast.

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6. the gift for all yogis with a green heart: sustainable yoga mat from Hejhej-Mats

A yoga mat from the Munich-based start-up Hejhej-Mats is made from foam scraps or offcuts from foam production. It takes around 1 kg of these offcuts to make a new mat. But the cycle does not end here. Because hejhej-mats also takes its mats back when they lose their shape and slip resistance after around three years - which is normal for yoga mats, by the way. And these yoga mats are then - you guessed it - recycled again and made into new mats. Closed-loop is the name of this cycle, which is also clearly illustrated on the hejhej-mats website. Incidentally, the mats are also produced in Germany.

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7. watch movies in velvet armchairs: Experience cinema vouchers for the ARRI-Kinor in the ASTOR Lounge

You can also support cinemas during these times by buying vouchers and you can findan overview of all cinemas in Munich that you can support here.

A very special movie experience awaits you when you visit the ARRI cinema. The luxury seats are covered in red velvet, the sound is a feast for the ears and food or drinks can be brought directly to your seat on request. If you feel like more than just a bag of popcorn, you can order a finger food platter, for example. But the choice of drinks is really exquisite - the menu also includes a bottle of Prosecco as well as various long drinks and cocktails. The best thing is that you can also give all of this as a gift in the form of various gift vouchers. Depending on your budget, there are various options to choose from.

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