Bye bye standard gifts. Rausgegangen serves you the finest gift that pops up whenever special moments beckon. Don't worry, it's not just a simple gift voucher - it's an experience. *Jochen Schweizer voice on*.

However, you don't have to throw yourself into a bath of adrenaline and extreme experiences, but you can easily get out of your comfort zone. Safety first.

Brand New: Vouchers are now finally available for our Geheimkonzerte.

What our guests say

Even if we've already convinced you: But what exactly are Geheimkonzerte?

Rausgegangen isn't just the best app in town and your partner in crime when it comes to planning your evening out. We take it into our own hands. But we'll only give you a little information - sparingly, like a well-kept secret.

The principle is as simple as it is straightforward: you don't know anything. The location and acts remain secret until shortly beforehand. Only the date and the meeting point are clear. From there we go to the location together.

We have organized over 50 Geheimkonzerte throughout Germany with acts such as Provinz, ENNIO, berq, Maria Basel, JOPLYN, Import Export & more(see playlist). Trust us more than mom, everything will be fine in the end. Rausgegangen has once again saved Christmas.


💜 FOR WHOM? Lovers of good music and exciting new experiences together.

WHEN? You will find out when the next concert takes place via the secret mailing list or via Web/App & Socials.

💰 HOW MUCH? 1 pc. for €23.60 each, 2 pcs. for €20 each (€40) + advance booking fees and 5 pcs. for €19 each (€95) + advance booking fees.

WANT TO LISTEN IN? We have created a Spotify playlist with the acts from our secret concerts.

Subscription groups for the win: Here comes the real deal. If you buy 5 vouchers at once, you get them for 75€. Just make everyone happy.


- When can I redeem the voucher? Whenever you find out that a new Geheimkonzerte is taking place (follow the Geheimkonzerte page & check our app regularly). First come, first serve - if the concert is sold out, you can redeem your voucher the next time. There is one concert per city approximately every 2-3 months. If you have a 5 voucher, you can also redeem it for several concerts.

- Where can I redeem the voucher? In all Rausgegangen cities.

- How can I redeem the voucher? As soon as the next secret concert is due, you can simply redeem the voucher code during the ticket purchase process.

- How long is the voucher valid for? 3 years from the date of purchase.

- Can I redeem a voucher for 2 or 5 tickets more than once? You can redeem a 2-ticket voucher twice (i.e. for two different concerts). You can redeem a voucher for 5 tickets 5 times, i.e. for 5 different concerts.

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