May 9th is Mother's Day. If you feel the need to say a special thank you to your mom on this day, here are various gift ideas in and from Munich.

For the mother of great words: "LOVE YOU MAMA" Mother's Day box from Café Erika

Is your mother a woman of big words? Then do the same and top it off with letters made from cake batter with the Mother's Day box from Café Erika. The "LOVE YOU MAMA" letters are made from apple sauce cake with dark chocolate ganache. The box also contains strawberry and elderberry heart cupcakes. You can pre-order the box from Café Erika by phone, email or via the Instagram channel until May 6. You can pick it up on May 8 or 9 during opening hours (12-16:30). Please note: The box is also available with "LOVE YOU PAPA" lettering, as it's not long until Father's Day on 13 May.

Price & order: 21.90 euros for the full portion of love, delivery is not possible

For the DIY mom: Baking kit and candles from Nick&Fritz + hejcandles

If you've always wanted to say to your mother: "Mom, you're the bomb!", then the special box for Mother's Day from Nick&Fritz is just the thing. The cool thing about it is that you can choose between four different baking kits. You can choose from gluten-free double chocolate brownies, carrot cake muffins, apple and cinnamon muffins or lemon and vanilla muffins. The baking mix with recipe is accompanied by two candles from hejcandles and a Mother's Day card with "Mom, you're the bomb" lettering.

Price & order: 23,90 Euro plus shipping costs, pick-up is not possible

For the Dolce Vita Mamma: "Mamma Mia" Mother's Day package from Studio Ciao

Do you share your mother's love of dolce vita? Then you should take a virtual visit to Studio Ciao. Here, everything revolves around good design combined with great hunger. For Mother's Day, Studio Ciao has come up with a "Mamma Mia!" box. The box itself is very chic: a pizza box with an appealing congratulatory inscription for Mother's Day. Inside is a "Mamma mia!" jute bag, a virtual reality card (with the enclosed instructions, your mother can have Freddy Mercury sing for her with her cell phone in no time at all) and a Katjes Chocjes Salty Pretzel. Beautifully made and a somewhat different gift for Mother's Day.

Price & order: 19,90 Euro plus shipping costs or pick up at A Happy Place Store in Westend (while stocks last)

For the vegan mom: Vegan Mother's Day box from OM NOM NOM

If your mum is vegan, there is only one box that comes into question - the one from OM NOM NOM. The vegan café in Sendling has once again come up with a selection for Mother's Day (as it does for every occasion) that even non-vegans would love. The Mother's Day box from OM NOM NOM contains a double choc cupcake, homemade strawberry lime with tonka bean, a cashew-based camembert from @watsonsfood, chocolate pretzels and chocolate strawberries. Vegan happiness, so to speak!

Price & order: 24.90 euros, the box can be collected from the café on Mother's Day between 10 a.m. and 12 noon, there is no delivery option.


For the vegetarian mom: Mother's Day menu from TIAN

A 4-course menu without any meat - from the TIAN Restaurant, of course! It consists of a 4-course menu including a cheese course for two people, specially put together by Paul Ivić and head chef Viktor Gerhardinger. For example, you can look forward to asparagus, gnocchi and a dessert of chocolate and rock pear. The menu box also contains homemade TIAN raw milk butter, Julius Brantner bread and a bottle of natural wine. All you have to do at home is heat up the individual courses and serve them beautifully. And you'll have that Michelin-star feeling!

Price & order: 179 euros, the box can be collected from the restaurant on Saturday between 4 and 6 p.m., delivery is available for a further 20 euros within the Mittlerer Ring. The dishes are designed to last overnight and can be consumed on Sunday for Mother's Day.

For the wine-loving mother: "Grape Girls" by Budbreak + Brix

Munich-based Anna and Cana really shook up the wine business last year with their Fermented Juice Club wine subscription. They have now created a box for all "Women in Wine" that is perfect as a Mother's Day gift: the "Grape Girls" bud. It includes the Garnacha de la Madre, a single-vineyard red wine from the "mother vineyard" at Bodegas Más Que Vinos in Toledo. There are also five other bottles - a sparkling wine, two white wines, a rosé and another bottle of red wine. They all come from winegrowers in Germany and Spain. Definitely a special gift for Mother's Day.

Price & order: 94 euros including shipping costs, for the smaller purse there are also cheaper starter boxes, just have a look at Anna and Cana.

For the nutrition-conscious mom: "Let's Celebrate" baking box from back and nourish

How about a berry and cream cheese tart for Mother's Day? Whether you make it yourself or give the baking box as a gift, the result not only looks delicious, it tastes delicious too. And without any sugary fondant, heavy buttercream, colorants or preservatives. Marion from bake and nourish makes sure of this: she founded her baking blog in 2016 with the mission of combining a healthy diet with her great passion for baking. The 'Let's Celebrate' box contains the following items: Recipe for a cake that will feed about 8 foodies, ingredients, baking equipment and easy step-by-step instructions. Especially nice - a small donation is made to Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. for every baking box.

Price & order: 29,95 Euro for the box, if you wish you can buy a greeting card, then you are at 30,95 Euro.

© G`Schmackes

For the gourmet mom: 3-course menu in the box from G'schmackes

You're not the biggest hero when it comes to cooking, but you'd like to invite your mother over for a special dinner? Then the Munich start-up G`schmackes can help you. It has come up with a 3-course meal in a box for all mothers' special day. The highlight: everything arrives already seasoned and chilled in a box. All you have to do is heat and prepare the individual courses using digital instructions. So everything is freshly prepared, but nothing can go wrong. Unless you turn the hob up too high. The menu is also available as a vegetarian option. We'll tell you this much: the main course is risotto with goat's cheese, turmeric, beet and almonds. And for dessert, there's lime tart. Well, if that doesn't please even the biggest foodie mom.

Price & order: 44 euros per person plus shipping costs. Attention: The deadline for ordering ends on May 2 - be quick!

© PANO Munich

For the brunch mommy: Mother's Day box from PANO

Do you want flowers and brunch delicacies? Then the Mother's Day boxes from PANO are just the thing. You can choose between a large brunch box and a sweet gift box. Let's start with the former: it contains heart-shaped rolls with various vegetarian spreads, chocolate strawberries, two portions of Porrdige, two glasses of smoothie and two French rolls. There is also a bouquet of dried flowers from Münchner Blumenmadeln and a Mother's Day card, which can be handwritten on request. The gift box is slightly smaller, but also contains a bouquet of dried flowers from Münchner Blumenmadeln and a Mother's Day card that can be personalized. There is also a small bottle of rosé cava, two PANO chocolate strawberries, four macarons and two Florentines.

Price & order: the breakfast box costs 47 euros and the sweet surprise box 25 euros (delivery within the Middle Ring possible for an extra 10 euros).

For the sweet mommy: Cupcake or Mother's Day treat box from Wir machen Cupcakes

When it comes to good cupcakes, the patisserie "Wir machen Cupcakes" in Frauenstraße is highly recommended. Whenever there is a seasonal occasion, the team comes up with something special. Mother's Day is no exception. On the one hand, there is the Mother's Day treat box consisting of a cakesicle, a heart cake, three cookies, three macarons, six mini chocolate bars and mini marshmallows. If cupcakes are enough for you, you can order the 6-cupcake box with plenty of Mother's Day decorations.

Price & order: For the large Treatbox you pay 39.90 euros with shipping (shipping on 5.5.), if you pick it up yourself only 35.90 euros. You can get the 6 cupcake box for 29 euros, no shipping is possible here.

For the humorous mommy: Sweetflowers from Keksliebe Manufaktur

Keksliebe Manufaktor is based in the beautiful Glockenbach district on Corneliusstrasse. Cookies are produced here for all occasions, and sometimes you don't even recognize them as such at first glance, they are so perfect. So if you want to treat yourself to flowers made from cookie dough for Mother's Day, then take a look at the manufactory's store. The Sweetflowers cookie tin contains 12 hand-decorated cookies made from vanilla dough. You can also add a greetings card to your order if you wish. Good to know: You can also personalize one or two of the cookies in the store if you wish - so it's well worth having a browse.

Price & order: The Sweetflowers cookie tin costs 33.90 euros plus shipping.

Flower stores in Munich: 7 recommendations - Rausgegangen

Flower stores in Munich: 7 recommendations - Rausgegangen
© Gábor Juhász via Unsplash

Of course, Munich's flower stores are on top form before such days so that all mothers can be provided with magnificent bouquets on May 9. We have put together six flower stores for you where you can be sure that you will get the best advice for your mom.

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