Indian cuisine is incredibly rich in variations - whether rice or flatbread, vegetarian or with chicken and then there are the many dips and spiciness levels. There are also some regional differences and it is impossible to break it down to "one" national dish anyway. No wonder with such a large country.

Good to know: As more wheat is grown in the north of India, the dishes there are combined with different types of bread, such as papadam, chapati and, of course, naan. In the south of the country, rice is increasingly used as the main ingredient. In the regions where coconut palms grow, coconut milk is often used in cooking. In our selection of favourite Indian restaurants in Munich, you will find both North and South Indian specialties.



Prinzregentenplatz 23
81675 München

At Kerala in Bogenhausen, you can sit outside directly on Prinzregentenplatz and watch the hustle and bustle. On the menu you will find South Indian, Ayurvedic dishes as well as classics. The lunch specials at really good prices come on an incredible four pages in the menu.personal tip: If you want to try something new - order a dosa. A dosa is a crepe-like pancake that is prepared on a cast-iron plate. The batter consists of fermented pulses and rice and is served rolled up with all kinds of fillings. In Kerala, they are the masters of the dosa game, so to speak. What you will also find on the menu here is a delicious alternative to naan: bhatura is a "puffed up" and deep-fried alternative to the classic flatbread.



Elisabethstraße 12
80796 München

Swagatam is located not far from Elisabethmarkt at Elisabethstraße 12. You can enjoy the evening sunshine in the outdoor seating area on the sidewalk while being served delicious Indian food. The waiters here are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. Personal tip: How about a thali? Thalis offer you a bit of everything and you can try it all. For example, have you ever wanted to eat a dish with the typical paneer cheese, but aren't sure if you like it? There are two to three different dishes in small bowls for one person (even six for a thali for two). They are served with salad, raita (yoghurt-based dip), papadam bread and rice.


Mataji's Kitchen

Schleißheimer Str. 121
80797 München

Mataji's Kitchen is located on Schleißheimerstraße, right next to the Nordbad swimming pool in Schwabing. How about a visit to the restaurant after a session in the pool? Or you can stop by Mataji's Kitchen before going to the Monopol cinema, which is also only about 200 meters away. Unfortunately, you can't sit outside here, but you can sit inside or take food with you and make yourself comfortable at home. personal tip: The mango lassi and the pakoras starter are particularly delicious here. The latter is vegetables deep-fried in a chickpea batter, which is simply deliciously spiced.



Hirschgartenallee 41
80639 München

The Ekam in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, just around the corner from the palace, is somewhat hidden on a street corner. The small but lovely outdoor area invites you to feast after a walk in the palace gardens. Some of the dishes here are a little spicier or more intensely flavored. Some people are happy about this; others can ask before ordering and express their wishes. My personal favorite at Ekam is chana masala. Masala means spice. Chana are chickpeas that are cooked whole together with tomatoes and onions. A masala mixture consists of about ten different spices, such as coriander, turmeric, ginger, chili and garlic. Another well-known blend is garam masala, which contains spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper and cumin.


Madame Chutney

Madame Chutney
© Madame Chutney
Frauenstraße 11
80469 München

Last but not least, a very special restaurant: Madam Chutney serves unique Indian street food and the ambience is completely different from other classic Indian restaurants in a very positive way. Personal tip: Just like at Kerala, you can order your chickpea and tomato dish chana with the particularly delicious fried bhatura bread. Another all-time favorite on the menu is biryani. The hearty rice dish with raisins, cashews, saffron and optional raita is available vegetarian or with chicken.

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