If you haven't left your neighborhood in the last few weeks, it's worth taking a trip to Pestalozzistraße despite corona. There you can feast your way through a wide culinary offering of köfte, falafel and mezze at Diese Gut.

Levantine elements combined with Middle Eastern cuisine

The small snack bar Diese Gut not only has a funny name, but also offers really tasty and quick food on the go. The fresh and dynamic dishes are free from artificial additives or flavor enhancers and combine Levantine elements with Middle Eastern cuisine. Wondering what Levantine elements are? We were wondering too! A quick search in the relevant search engines reveals: Levant is a historical geographical term for the countries on the eastern Mediterranean. The term includes the countries of Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus. In Europe, these countries are also known as the Orient or the Land of the Rising Sun, or Soleil Levant.

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Vegans and vetegarians can rejoice

A glance at the menu shows that there are varied and innovative creations of mezze, köfte and falafel to discover at Diese Gut. A conscious approach to and consumption of food are particularly important to the owners of the snack bar.

In the course of our life on this earth, we can choose every day what and how we nourish ourselves on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. We guarantee unique and fresh flavors through our deliberately limited range. You will notice: "This good!"

Vegans and vegetarians will feel particularly at home here. Most of the dishes are made completely without animal products. The falafel creations are naturally vegan and the small starters - also known as mezze - also sound temptingly animal-free. Hummus, babaganoush, kisir and shaksuska are always a good idea, are great for sharing and are usually eaten up very quickly. If you like halloumi, you've also come to the right place at Diese Gut. It's also available here as a sandwich or Dürüm, which is particularly delicious in combination with falafel. The whole thing is called falloumi and is perfect for a light portion or a quick snack.

Of course, meat lovers will also get their money's worth. In addition to the classic köfte sandwich, you can also try tavuk (chicken skewer) at Diese Gut.

Homemade ayran

One drink goes best with all of this: ayran, which you can get homemade here. Beer, soft drinks and wine are also a must for a snack at Glockenbach. You can also bridge your waiting time with free cay, which "goes down a treat" at Diese Gut. As soon as outdoor dining is possible again, you can eat your food in the small garden in front of the snack bar. Until then, you can have your takeaway food packed in sustainable containers and paper and take a relaxed stroll through the Südfriedhof.

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