If you've only ever associated Lollo Rosso with lettuce, you're in for a surprise: in Munich, the name also stands for a small but very fine caffè bar in Haidhausen. Caffè Bar, because you could actually spend the whole day here: sipping barista coffee in the morning, eating a bit of pasta at lunchtime and drinking your way through the wine list in the evening. Dolce Vita doesn't get any better than this.

Strolling from café to bar on Wörthstraße is generally always a good idea. What you shouldn't miss out on is number 11, because Lollo Rosso is worth a visit for its interior alone. Lollo Rosso owner Stephan likes to travel. And if he finds something he particularly likes, he brings it back to his café. Maybe that's why no two espresso cups at Lollo Rosso are alike.

© Annika Wagner

Take your eyes off the furnishings and onto the menu

Let's start with breakfast: from French toast to scrambled eggs and various Italian combinations called Florence, Milano or Verona (cappuccino with a croissant, bread basket, butter, jam), there's pretty much everything you need for a traditional breakfast. Our favorite: Pimp up your egg - here everyone can decide for themselves what they want in their own scrambled eggs.

© Annika Wagner

But Lollo Rosso also caters to the real hunger. There is mainly Mediterranean cuisine with a slight Bavarian twist. We particularly recommend the large antipasti plate, the pasta aglio & olio and a portion of baby tiramisu. If that's not enough of a sugar rush for you: you can get M&Ms from the gumball machine for 2 cents at Lollo Rosso. Best deal ever! A visit here doesn't hurt your wallet at all. The pasta dishes, for example, are usually between eight and nine euros.

© Annika Wagner

The title Caffè Bar already suggests that Lollo Rosso is not the biggest place. That's why you should make a reservation before your visit.

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