Not far from the LMU, I love Leo is no longer serving frozen yogurt, but fluffy pancakes. Until March 2022, you can enjoy Japanese soufflé-style pancakes at the pop-up café Luffy Pancakes on Veterinärstraße.

The two founders, Frederic Ligier and Marcho Schub, discovered this type of pancake - as they sell it themselves today - by chance on their trip to Japan together. They tinkered with the recipe for two years and tried to recreate the special style in their home kitchen. Later, they enlisted the help of a Parisian patissier. The team continued to grow and now they have launched their first pop-up café.

© Annika Wagner

"Crème de la Crème", "Oh lá lá Matcha" and "Poire Belle Hélène"

Off you go to fluffy pancake heaven! The ordering concept is quickly explained: you are always served two pancakes. The classic comes with homemade whipped cream, maple syrup and lime zest. If you fancy a little more, we recommend the "Oh lá lá Matcha" with matcha whipped cream and a touch of matcha powder or the "Poire Belle Hélène" with pear in syrup, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and almond slivers.

There are a total of five different creations for you to choose from. One of them is the chef's choice and changes every month. This means that even if you have tried all the creations at some point, you will still be surprised once a month.

© Luffy Pancake

Word creation from fluffy and lucky

Finally, a little name explanation: the name "Luffy" is made up of fluffy and lucky - a fluffy lucky charm, so to speak. Because of their unique texture, soufflé pancakes are also known in Japan as kiseki, the "miracle pancakes". There, they are often served at weddings as a lucky charm. What luck that we don't have to wait for the next wedding, but can simply treat ourselves to a fluffy pancake like this.

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