Do you like watching movies, but sometimes miss the right choice and then get annoyed about the "lost" time? This problem has been history for us since the launch of the MUBI streaming service. Because all the films that are shown are carefully selected by curators and each one is a masterpiece in itself.

A small, fine film festival in your own living room every day - sounds like wishful thinking, but thanks to MUBI it's not. The curated subscription model is a dream come true for all movie nerds. The selected films range from timeless classics and cult films to award-winning masterpieces from all over the world.

How MUBI works

Like other streaming service providers , MUBI is also a subscription model . Onthe website , you can create an account in just a few steps and take out a subscription for €9.99 per month . Following the philosophy of "class instead of mass" , a new movie is now available to you every day, the "movie of the day". You then have approx. 30 days from the release to watch it. So there are always at least 30 new films for you to discover. You can stream the films on the web, on iOS, Android and on all common end devices. MUBI also has a video library with a further hundred films. These range from MUBI specials and retrospectives to double features and other exclusives.

As real movie lovers want to know as much as possible about the films shown, there is a so-called Notebook on the website. There you have access to all kinds of features and articles and can also exchange information with each other.

So take out a trial subscription, stock up on popcorn and enjoy curated masterpieces every day!

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