It's best to come to Nage und Sauge very hungry - because the portions are not only generous, they also keep you full for a very long time. And yes, salad can do that! The kitchen works its magic with halloumi, potato rösti, chickpeas, all kinds of meat and an endless number of other great ingredients until even the biggest enemy of salad can no longer have any objections. We tell you more about the popular restaurant...

First things first: whether you can actually call the huge portions a salad is a moot point. The fact is: it's super tasty and the choice is still difficult even after the umpteenth visit.
But enough praise for the Nage and Sauge salad selection. There are other things on the menu too, but we've ignored them so far... because the salad is just so delicious. Which brings us back to the beginning. But: it's worth a visit even if you're not hungry.

From the outside, the Nage und Sauge is a little inconspicuous. But not on the inside: lots of black, lots of gold, few decorations and a small fire roaring in the stove in winter. It's somehow super cool and super cozy and relaxed at the same time. And somehow not at all Munich-like.

So the food is great, as is the location. So it's no wonder that Nage und Sauge is not an insider tip. Reservations are not accepted and the place fills up quickly after closing time. So if you want to eat your dinner without having to wait, you are advised to come before 7 pm.

If you don't get a seat straight away - no problem. The bar is the next big attraction at Nage und Sauge. With delicious long drinks and cocktails, it's a great place to kill and forget time. So the drinks are great too. What more could you want?

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