What happens when a Lebanese, a Bavarian and an Israeli meet? In the case of Sami, Felix and Gal, the result is a restaurant. The three friends had been toying with the idea of starting a gastronomic project together for some time. At the end of October, the time had finally come: Servus Habibi opened its doors in the Bahnhofsviertel and has been serving creative falafel and hummus creations ever since.

Sami, Felix and Gal not only bring different cultures to the table, but also to the plate. On the Servus Habibi menu, you will find a symbiosis of Israeli and Lebanese cuisine. Culinary similarities such as hummus are given a new and modern twist here. And the creative interpretations of traditional oriental flavors are something to be seen and tasted.

Hummus and falafel rethought

For hummus, you can choose between halloumi, honey and thyme chicken or fattoush with meat - all prepared with regional products and oriental spices. Of course, falafel is also a must! If you choose the Allstars falafel , you get the whole selection of colorful balls on one plate. Even the classic falafel sandwich is anything but ordinary here. Servus Habibi serves fresh, homemade, warm pita in a bowl with a choice of falafel, chicken or halloumi. In addition to the classic chickpea version, Servus Habibi also serves carrots and a beet version.

Embark on a culinary mezze journey

If you are here with friends, we recommend trying mezze together. The many small starters offer you a wide range of different flavors. From caramelized carrot hummus with pickled red onions and salted almonds, to labneh with olives and baba ganoush with pomegranate seeds, you can try your hand at oriental cuisine here.

Gin, beats and music

The right drink should not be missing with the meal. A glance at the menu reveals that gin is a popular drink at Servus Habibi. You can choose from 20 different gin and tonics, as well as beer and wine. The motto at Servus Habibi is: between hummus and falafel, there's beats and music. If you are now hungry and would like to visit Servus Habibi, we recommend that you make a reservation as space is limited.

Even though the restaurant is currently closed, it's still worth a visit. Even during the lockdown, Sami, Felix and Gal are there for you, continue to provide you with food and are happy to take your orders. All food and drinks are available to go and if you live within a radius of 5 kilometers, the guys will also deliver the food directly to your home.

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