If you're in spring tidy-up mode and want to clear out your bookshelf, then do two things: 1. do it and 2. take your books that have been read but are still in good condition to one of Munich's bookcases. The only requirement: They should be worth reading!

Swapping is the new buying - what always sounds easy in theory is sometimes not so easy to put into practice. There are already plenty of swap markets for clothes, both online and offline. But what do you do with books, for example? Putting them on your doorstep and waiting for resourceful readers is one option. But for all book lovers, the thought of rain and the like might make their hearts sink a little. A better option, however, are the bookcases that can now be found in many places in and around the city. You can find an overview of where exactly on the website of the Munich waste management company, for example.

Books can be handed in here free of charge, anonymously and without any formalities. Many of the bookcases are also open 24 hours a day. As you can see, it's all pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Die Bücher sollen in einem guten Zustand sein.

  • Fragwürdige Bücher (beispielsweise mit extremistischem bzw. jugendgefährdendem Inhalt) werden von den Projektpaten entfernt.

  • Es sollen immer nur so viele Bücher zum Schrank gebracht werden, wie auch hineinpassen. Bücher sollen also nicht davor abgelegt werden.

Not only can you hand in your discarded books at the open bookcases, you can also take new reading material with you. Swapping instead of buying.

Overview of the bookcases in the borough:


Directly in front of the Nordbad, you will find the Schwabing bookcase and thus the real original. The Schwabing Cupboard was the first of its kind in Munich and was so well received that many more bookcases followed in Munich.

Where: Directly in front of the Nordbad


Not far from the Nordbad you will find the next bookcase, at Rudi-Hierl-Platz near Stiglmaierplatz. There are plenty of places to sit and read all around.

Where: Rudi-Hierl-Platz

In the Au

The bookcase in the Au is located at Herrgottseck 2, not far from Mariahilfplatz and is actually much more than a cupboard, more like a little house.

Where: Herrgottseck 2


You'll also find a cupboard full of books in Bogenhausen, right in front of the entrance to the Cosimabad. Perfect if you've forgotten what to read during your swimming breaks.

Where: Directly in front of the Cosimabad

Isar suburb

You can also drop off your discarded books in a bookcase in Isarvorstadt, or rather in the Dreimühlenviertel. You'll find it in Ehrengutstraße, not far from Roecklplatz.

Where: Ehrengutstraße


What looks like a telephone box at first glance turns out to be a bookcase on closer inspection. This unconventional book cell is located directly in front of the entrance to Grünspitz. Idea: If you want to spend a few hours in the sun outside, grab a book from the cupboard and a drink from the kiosk at Grünspitz, seating is also available. There is also a bookcase at Kolumbusplatz, near the railroad bridge.

Where: Giesinger Grünspitz


Perhaps you have already passed the bookcase in Haidhausen on the streetcar, as it is clearly visible in Steinstraße at Genoveva-Schauer-Platz. Here, too, benches around it invite you to linger.

Where: Steinstraße 44


In the Westend, you have to open your eyes to spot the bookcase. At least the one at Tulbeckstraße 50, right on the wall of the building. By the way, you can find another one in this neighborhood at Westendstraße 66.

Where: Tulbeckstraße 50

You can find more bookcases here:

Sendling - Westpark
At Partnachplatz

Berg am Laim
Am Grünen Markt, Baumkirchner Straße


Waldmeisterstrasse 34

Bunzlauerstrasse 46

Corner Waisenhaus-Ruffinistraße

Thalkirchner Platz

Sachsenstraße 2 (at the tree nursery)

You can find more bookcases here

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