With a Spritz in your hand and a warm, aromatic pizza on your plate, you can dream your way to the Adriatic. We'll tell you where in Munich you can find the best pizza for avacation in Italy at home or in a restaurant.

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Saluki - Sendling

Saluki is located in the immediate vicinity of the Grossmarkthalle - perfect for pizza lovers who like to experiment. In addition to the standard pizzas, you'll always find an unusual pizza of the day, which sometimes requires a little courage - we'll just say "cabbage" on the pizza. And if you're not in the mood for pizza (is there such a thing?), you can look forward to changing, unusual main courses. You can always find the menu of the day on the Saluki Facebook page.

You can place your order during opening hours at 0176 63264789.

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The Italien Shot - Maxvorstadt

The pizzas at Italien Shot taste like a modern interpretation of the classic Neapolitan pizza. The makers of the pizzeria opposite Museum Brandhorst specialize in original, traditional preparation using simple, fresh ingredients. The pizzas here are baked in a fireclay oven. In addition to a selection of delicious vegetarian and meat-based options, there are also three vegan pizzas on the menu.

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60 Secondi - Schwabing

60 seconds - that's exactly how long the classic Neapolitan-style Margherita and Marina pizzas are in the oven. Or in the case of 60 Secondi in Schwabing: in the hottest disco ball in town. The special oven with its disco ball look is a genuine original from Naples. Unlike pizza, which only spends a short time in the oven, the dough is allowed to relax for up to 48 hours before being kneaded by hand. Perfect for anyone who likes things traditional and classic.

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Young Romans - Glockenbach

Strictly speaking, the Tagesbar doesn't have any pizzas on the menu, but a Roman specialty: pinsa. Unlike pizza, the pinsa dough consists of three different flours and is left to rest for an extra long time. This makes it particularly easy to digest and really tasty. If you like crispy and fluffy dough, you will love the pinsa at Junge Römer. As pinsa and pizzas look more or less the same and we didn't want to deprive you of this Roman specialty, the Junge Römer has made it onto our list.

You can order your Pinsa here

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Soul Kitchen - Glockenbach

The Soul Kitchen also serves Neapolitan-style pizzas. Not only do the oven and the dough recipe come from Naples, but the San Marzano tomatoes that make it onto the pizza here grow on Mount Vesuvius and are sourced fresh from Italy. Thanks to the short baking time of 90 seconds at over 400 degrees, Soul Kitchen's pizzas retain their nutritional values and their fresh, genuine taste. The creations are classic, but spiced up with special ingredients. Vegans will also find what they are looking for.

You can place your order at 08923041544 during opening hours.

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Solo Pizza - Au

Solo Pizza normally serves much more than just pizza. During the lockdown, however, the long-established restaurant in the Au is focusing on just that. The menu at Solo Pizza leaves nothing to be desired. You can choose between numerous variations, all of which are freshly and deliciously prepared. In fact, everything is so freshly prepared that you can order your pizza with spelt flour instead of wheat flour and almost all pizzas with vegan cheese! There's even a pizza dolce with Nutella, glazed pears & walnuts, mascarpone cream, pomegranate (or fresh berries) and Frangelico almond crumble to choose from.

You can place your ordervia 089 67972900 during opening hours.

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Tosto - Giesing

You don't want to choose just one pizza, but would prefer different toppings? Then Tosto on Silberhornstraße is the place for you. Because there you can get your pizzas in slices. Particularly fine ingredients such as homemade pistachio pesto, scamorza or truffle oil lead to real taste explosions. You can order the accompanying bottle of wine and the tiramisu for afterwards directly from Café Tosto.

You can order your pizza here

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San Paolo - West End

Attention vegans: How about a salami pizza and tiramisu for dessert? At San Paolo, you can choose between five vegan pizzas with cheese and meat substitutes and the dessert is also vegan. All non-vegans will also be happy here. San Paolo serves crispy, uncomplicated pizzas that taste good and are reasonably priced - the most expensive pizza here costs 11 euros. If you don't live in the immediate vicinity, we recommend picking up your pizzas and walking towards Theresienwiese. You're sure to find a quiet place to eat here.

You can place your order via Whatsapp at 01774100408.

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Rosso Mille Miglia - Westend

At Mille Miglia, the pizza comes fresh from the wood-fired oven. In keeping with the motto "Cucinare è amore", only fresh products and a large portion of love are used in the cooking. Incidentally, the name of the pizzeria refers to a long-distance road race. The names of the cars were therefore also the inspiration for the names of the pizzas. You can choose between creative creations such as Mercedes Maybach (eggs and truffles) or Bentley (salmon, zucchinis and cocktail tomatoes).

You can place your order via Whatsappat 176 80262069.

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