Did you know that you can get very close to outer space in Munich? Well, the planet trail from the Deutsches Museum to Hellabrunn Zoo is certainly not as exciting as an expedition to Mars, but at least it brings a bit of variety to the endless walking around.

Everything revolves around the sun - including the Munich Planet Trail, which starts in the inner courtyard of the Deutsches Museum. This is where the sun is located. Or at least a small version of it. The golden sphere not only looks beautiful, but is also the starting point of this short walk from planet to planet. You don't need to bring anything except an interest in reading signs and space.

And then you can set off on your journey: Out of the Deutsches Museum, over the bridge and along the Isar, always heading south. Keep your eyes peeled, you will encounter Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune along the way. In total, the route is around 4.5 km long, with dangerous meteorites only to be avoided in the form of crowds of people along the Isar. You will find information about each planet and the entire solar system on the pillars along the way.

The idea behind the planetary path is to give us humans a sense of distances in space. After all, we would have to cover more than a million kilometers in space to take one step on the path. The proportions and distances between the planets are on a scale of 1:1.29 billion. Or to put it another way: for one kilometer on the planetary path, 1.29 billion kilometers must be covered in space. It's actually impossible to imagine.

The end point of the trail is then reached at Hellabrunn Zoo. If you have made it this far, you will have covered 5900 steps as an adult. How much would that be in space? Well, who's been paying attention?

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