Cologne is a city full of life, culture and exciting opportunities - even on rainy days ☔️ Because even when the clouds gather over our Rhine metropolis and the rain pours down, there are still countless ways to keep your spirits high and make good use of your time. How, where, what? You can count on us!

We've picked out the 10 best events and indoor activities in Cologne that will sweeten your day even when it's raining 🤝


Residenz Kino

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 30-32
50672 Köln

Just leave the rain outside the movie theater door! While the drops gently drum on the window panes, you can make yourself comfortable in the cinema seat. The screen becomes a window into fantastic worlds in which action heroes embark on courageous adventures, lovers find happiness in rom-coms and comedies provide hearty laughter ✨


© Neptunbad
Neptunplatz 1
50823 Köln

Wellness oasis instead of a puddle of rain: rainy weather can also be the perfect opportunity to really pamper yourself. So how about a relaxing day at the spa? A massage, a sauna session or a refreshing bath will quickly make you forget the rain 🤞

Schwarzlicht Kegelbahn

Schwarzlicht Kegelbahn
© Matthias Zomer via Pexels
Severinstraße 77-79
50678 Köln

Have you ever been to Tresörchen - the cocktail bar in Südstadt? The experienced bar staff will not only mix you the best creations from bars from Cuba to St. Tropez, but will also show you the way to the new black light bowling alley with 180° neon graffiti 😍 The combination of darkness, dazzling colors and glowing lanes offers the perfect change from the traditional bowling alley and is particularly suitable for group outings, family celebrations or get-togethers with friends.

TeamEscape – Dein Escape Erlebnis

TeamEscape – Dein Escape Erlebnis
© Kdwk Leung via Unsplash
Im Zollhafen 5
50678 Köln

Teamwork and cooperation are required here: instead of getting annoyed about the bad weather, you can experience an absolute adventure in the escape room! Because only if you communicate with your team, exchange information, share ideas and work together on solutions can you find all the clues and solve the puzzle. So go ahead, put your nose to the grindstone and show your friends that you are the real Sherlock Holmes 🔍


Schauspiel Köln

Schauspiel Köln
© Schauspiel Köln
Schanzenstraße 6-20
51063 Köln

Forget Netflix and chill - how about an exciting play instead? The Schauspiel Köln in Mülheim is one of the most important stages in the German theater scene and really has a lot to offer! 🎭 You'll find an enormous variety of plays there, covering all kinds of genres and themes. From timeless classics to contemporary dramas and experimental works, there is something to suit every taste. So instead of sitting in front of your laptop, you can experience exciting stories live and in real time. P.S. It's still summer break - the season starts on 20 August with a big theater festival for the whole family!

Bingo Club

Bingo Club
© Anete Lusina via Pexels
Otto-Fischer-Straße 9
50674 Köln

Attention board game lovers 🤞 The first board game café in Cologne opens in September: the BINGO CLUB! Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble or chess? Choose from around 350 different board games that offer hours of fun. It's even said that the best New York cheesecake in town will soon be served here. As well as fun games, you'll also find delicious coffee and cake and even beer and hot dogs - all day long! We are excited 👀

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Frequently asked questions about Cologne in the rain

1. which places and events can I visit spontaneously when it rains in Cologne?

Spontaneous museum visits are ideal. Cologne has a variety of great and different museums to offer: Museum Ludwig, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Museum Schnütgen and the Museum of Applied Arts (MAKK) are just some of the great museums that are well worth a visit. You can find all current exhibitions here: EXHIBITIONS IN COLOGNE. Going to the movies in the rain is also always a good idea - grab a big bucket of popcorn and make yourself comfortable in a movie theater seat. You can find the latest movies here: FILMS COLOGNE.

2. what indoor sports facilities are there in Cologne when it rains?

Why not stop by the roller skating disco or try your hand at bouldering at Stuntwerk, Boulderplant, K11 or the Kletterfabrik. Cologne has several indoor swimming pools where you can go swimming when it rains. The best known include the Agrippabad, Aqualand, Ossendorfbad and the Zollstock indoor pool. Some sports centers and clubs in Cologne offer indoor tennis and badminton courts where you can play even in bad weather. Bowling is a popular indoor sport in Cologne, and there are several bowling alleys in the city that offer a fun option for rainy days. Trampoline halls such as Jump House Cologne offer a fun way to let off steam and have fun while staying active.

3. which shopping centers can I visit in Cologne when it's raining?

Of course, we also have a tip for our shopping mice: The Köln Arcaden in Kalk and the Rhein Center in Weiden offer a variety of stores and shopping opportunities that are perfect for a rainy day and are super easy to reach by public transport.

4. what can you do with children and the whole family in Cologne when it rains?

On rainy days, the ceiling can sometimes fall on your head, so it's high time to leave the comfort of your home and set off in search of something to do. These indoor activities are suitable for the whole family: play mini golf, paint ceramics in the pottery art café, visit the children's and puppet theater or the Odysseum or let off steam in one of the numerous indoor playgrounds. All events for the whole family can be found here: FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES

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