Don't worry, we won't be presenting classics like Monaco Franze, Kir Royal or Munich 7 here. Instead, we have 7 series that perhaps not everyone knows, but which are also set in Munich.

The janitor

This is what it's all about: Not as well-known as Monaco Franze, but one of our favorite Munich series: "Die Hausmeisterin" with Veronika Fitz and Helmut Fischer. Yes, that's right, Helmut Fischer, who plays the eternal Stenz in Monaco Franze. But in "Die Hausmeisterin", the focus is not on him, but on the role of Martha Haslbeck, who works as a janitor in Haidhausen. At a time when Haidhausen was not yet a district for high earners, but was extremely down-to-earth.

Martha Haslbeck is newly divorced from her ex-husband Josef (played by Helmut Fischer) and has to reorganize herself in her mid-50s. So she has to find her way back into working life, cope without a partner and slowly let go of the fact that everything and everyone claims her for themselves. It's so good to watch her do this. As a viewer, you suffer and rejoice with her and hope that she finds her own way.

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That's what it's all about: In 12 episodes, you can watch Maximilian Brückner play the mayor Alfons Zischl, who is privately heavily in debt. He wants to give his small Upper Bavarian community of Hindafing, which has absolutely no tourist appeal, a new image. As the young head of the town hall, he has a plan to build the modern Donau Village organic shopping center with a connection to the A9 motorway together with his friend, farmer and organic butcher Sepp Goldhammer. However, state politics put a spanner in the works, as Hindafing is to take in 50 refugees. In return, the indebted mayor is to be given access to his deceased father's black money accounts, to which the district administrator has access. In addition, Zischl's personal problems, such as his crystal meth use or police investigations against him, play an increasingly important role.

Sounds like a lot, and it is. But the series is well told and has an even better cast.

For fans of: Thriller
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Oktoberfest 1900

That's what it's all about: It's all about the most famous folk festival in the world: the Oktoberfest. More specifically, the Oktoberfest landlords around the year 1900, and the plot is somewhat reminiscent of Game of Thrones: The battle between two beer dynasties for supremacy is of course not without blackmail, murder, bribery and contract killings. At the center of it all is the big farmer Curt Prank from Franconia, who wants to expand at the Oktoberfest. However, as a foreigner, he is neither granted a license to sell beer nor is his Franconian beer allowed to be served. Using all kinds of immoral means, he tries to scam neighboring plots of land on which he wants to build his beer castle.

If you can tolerate a little too much pathos and miss the Oktoberfest, this is the series for you.

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Fat and grease

That's what it's all about: This series takes a closer look at the attitude to life of young city dwellers in 11 episodes. It shows what young people are made of and what keeps them busy: Loving, laughing, working as well as partying and crying. The focus is on a guy called Jaksch, who wanders through Munich's apartments, streets, bars and clubs. However, he doesn't have any real luck with women. Until he meets Hannah - who, however, lives in Berlin. The series is entertaining and easy to binge.

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That's what it's all about: In this series, people with different realities of life come together in six episodes. Or in short: rich meets poor. What seems like a typical Munich cliché, especially in the first episode, and is sometimes a bit cringy to watch, develops such an interesting storyline over the course of the series that it's worth sticking with it.

It all begins at an illegal rave in the catacombs beneath Munich Central Station, when spoiled "rich kids" from Munich's chic crowd meet the homeless people living there, who are referred to as "the invisibles" in the series. When a fire and subsequent mass panic break out, most of the rave participants are able to escape to safety. However, not everyone makes it out, two young people go missing and one is soon found dead on the Isar. What exactly happened that night?

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This is what it's all about: Attention fans of good crime series - there's a special gem hiding in the ZDF media library that boasts a really good cast. In six episodes, BreaingEven sets out on a search. Because: a person is killed during an unauthorized test drive for autonomous driving. Does this mean the end of all further plans in this direction for the billion-dollar automotive group Lindemann? The up-and-coming company lawyer Nora Shaheen (a great actress) is assigned to the case and is dismissed just as quickly. During her investigations, she comes across the teenage dropout Jenny, who has her own agenda and puts the Lindemann family in a different light.

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Hello baby

That's the point: Unfortunately, "Servus Baby" has had to face the "Sex and the City" comparison quite often. Probably because everything in "Servus Baby" also revolves around four women - and that's enough for this comparison.

This series is about four friends who live in a completely different reality to Carrie & Co. And not in New York either, but in Munich. In the two seasons, you can watch Lou, Mel, Eve and Tati master their lives, fail, get back on their feet, argue, make up and search for a partner in the urban jungle. We can highly recommend the first season in particular.

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