Summer in Munich - that means an after-work beer by the Isar, a movie under the stars, strolling through your favorite part of town with a delicious ice cream in your hand - summer stretches out endlessly before you. 🌞🍦

We think it's the perfect time to try out new things: How about discovering a new side to the city, for example? Whether you're an original Münchner Kindl, a newcomer or just visiting: with TimeRide , you'll see the Isar metropolis with new eyes! 👀✨

Apud Munichen - A journey through Munich's city history for the senses

© Apud Munichen (c) TimeRide

Imagine you can travel back in time through Munich's history and discover hidden places that have long since disappeared - what still exists today? Which buildings were important back then? TimeRide GO! makes it possible. 🚀

Founded in Munich in 2016, the company offers city tours that take you back in time - without any dusty history books, but with modern VR technology! This is where history meets the future: wearing VR goggles, you can travel back through the centuries to the city's foundation and experience how places have changed over time. The past-today effect is amazing!

At Apud Munichen - This is Munich!, not only the history but also Munich's attitude to life is made tangible for all the senses. The new Senseum experience from TimeRide Munich takes you on a spectacular journey through Munich's eventful city history. With the Münchner Kindl as narrator, you embark on a virtual tour that stretches from the founding of the city in the 12th century to the present day.

Thanks to virtual 360-degree moving image scenes, you can immerse yourself in the historical events and feel as if you were part of history yourself. There are real Munich milestones to marvel at, such as the construction of the Frauenkirche at the end of the 15th century, the first Oktoberfest in 1810 or the legendary 1974 Football World Cup. You can even get to know today's Munich from above on a virtual balloon ride. The history of the city, which is inextricably linked to beer and the art of brewing, can be experienced at the end with a leisurely tasting of selected Munich beers. 🍻

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TimeRide GO! - Experience Munich anew with virtual reality

© Marienplatz Knights' Tournament / (c) TimeRide

We continue with the great TimeRide Experience: on the TIMERIDE GO! city tour, you can choose between a 90-minute and a 45-minute express tour. The express tour offers a particularly attractive introduction to over 850 years of Munich's city history. Equipped with mobile VR goggles, the tour takes you on an almost 2 km long circular route to central locations in the old town. Thanks to the virtual moving image scenes, you can immerse yourself in the historical events. Whether as a spectator at a jousting tournament on Marienplatz or as a contemporary witness in Munich at the turn of the 1900s - the tour opens up exciting and emotional insights into past worlds. 🏰💭

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Discover the historic craft of the Andechs monastery brewery!

© Andechs Monastery around 1455 (c) TimeRide

But that's not all: since July, you can experience a new virtual reality-based brewery tour through the traditional monastery brewery with TimeRide GO! Kloster Andechs 360 . A total of six stations illustrate the entire production process of Andechs monastery beer during the tour, which lasts either 45 or 90 minutes, and allow you to experience the traditional brewing craft with all your senses. The tour builds a bridge from the historical origins of the brewing tradition to the ultra-modern technology of the monastery brewery today. An impressive experience not only for beer lovers.

🍻👉 In addition to a virtual 360-degree view of the historic monastery complex and exciting insights into the art of brewing, the 90-minute tour also includes a beer tasting. So you can look forward not only to a journey through time, but also to a tasty journey through the diverse Andechs monastery beers.

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