Hey Cologne 👋
As you know, we are avowed foodies and so we don't want to withhold this food concept from you: URBAN EATS!

Urban What?
Yes, that's right, a fantastic food culture awaits you at URBAN LOFT on Eigelstein. From urban wok magic and individual breakfast boxes to handcrafted cocktails and award-winning coffee - here, taste, style and local authenticity merge to create an incomparable experience.

A cozy accommodation that offers fantastic food as well as a comfy bed - sounds good? We'll tell you what to expect! 👇🏼

And for all sweet lovers, the delicious tartlets from TörtchenTörtchen are waiting on site. So if you want to avoid the long queues in front of the TörtchenTörtchen stores, you can make yourself comfortable at URBAN LOFT and linger in Sweets Heaven!

Urban Favorites:

Anyone who has ever been to Asia knows that this cuisine is delicious. But don't worry, you don't have to get on the next plane to enjoy the flavors of Asia, you can simply stop off at Urban Loft. Fresh, individually prepared dishes from the URBAN WOK category await you here. How about a green curry with crunchy vegetables and steaming rice?🤤
Our tip: Order a fresh cocktail to go with it - it's a match!

💡 For everyone, daily from 16:30 to 23:45

Drinks & More:

Fancy a journey between local ingredients and cosmopolitan flair? Then you should definitely stop by the bar at the URBAN BAR. Here, wonderfully delicious drinks are conjured up with love. From locally distilled gin to ginger beer from the neighborhood - each creation tells a story of Cologne that you won't find anywhere else. Cheers Cologne!

💡 For everyone who wants to enjoy delicious cocktails

Of course, our coffee lovers also get their money's worth in the Urban Loft: at the LOCAL COFFEE BAR. Here, SCHAMONG a.k.a. one of Cologne's oldest coffee roasters invites you to enjoy delicious coffee specialties.
Nice to know: SCHAMONG coffee is not only delicious, but also fair trade quality. 👏

💡 Whether to go or on site - you shouldn't miss out on the Cologne coffee experience!
& because URBAN LOFT doesn't use disposable cups, you can bring your own if you want to enjoy your hot drink on the go!

& if you're in a hurry - you can pack yourself some tasty snacks and drinks at the GRAB & GO Bar. NICE!

Well, that all sounds too good to be true 😉 We would say: See for yourself and visitURBAN LOFT !

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