Life can be messy & stressful 😥

Full of appointments, deadlines and obligations - both professional and personal. But before we pull boring coping strategies out of our fingers, we have come up with an alternative: Let the stress out with sport and recharge your batteries! It's also super easy, because we get Urban Sports Club paid for by the company

LIFE HACK: How to enjoy sport and wellness for free!

Forget boring training sessions! With a single membership, you get access to an endless selection of gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools, dance classes and much more. From morning yoga to evening functional training, Urban Sports Club gives you the freedom to let loose and try different activities without having to commit.
& the coolest thing: more and more employers are investing in the health of their employees. NICE!
This means that they cover part or all of the costs of your membership - because: if you are healthy, happy and balanced, you usually do a good job - so an Urban Sports Club membership is a win-win for you and your company

Our team at Rausgegangen not only enjoys going to the best events in the city together, but we also share a sporting hobby or two. Yoga together during the break or a round of boxing after work - here are our favorite locations for various activities with Urban Sports Club in Cologne! 👇

Relax and unwind with JAY JAY YOGA

📍 Stammstraße 8,

If there's one thing Lisa and Emy have learned to love, it's definitely yoga! Because even though it's super fun to hop from event to event, after an eventful day at work, the two of them are looking for one thing above all: peace and balance. In the heart of Ehrenfeld, you'll find classes for every level. Yin, Vinyasa or Jivamukti yoga - what is your key to a relaxed mind and a healthy body?

© Markus ng via unsplash

To-do's forgotten at OSSENDORF BAD

📍 Äußere Kanalstraße 191

The end of the working day is finally here, work is behind us - but instead of sinking into the sofa, the solution for a stress-free end to the day could be a refreshing dip in the pool. Did you know that swimming is not only the sport that's easiest on the joints, but that you also train your entire body? Emy is particularly fond of swimming. Both before and after work, there's nothing better for her than doing a few lengths and clearing her head.


Ernst-Heinrich-Geist-Straße 18

Who would have thought that bouldering is not only fun, but also takes our team spirit to a whole new level? Because whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced climbing pro - rocking a tricky route together brings us closer together. Especially when bouldering, we have to constantly exchange ideas: "Don't give up, there's a good hold on the right!" - all clearly and distinctly. This not only improves our communication on the wall, but also in the office!

Afterwork fun at TANZRAUM NIPPES

📍 Neusser Str. 216

Our big recommendation: simply shake your hips after work! Dancing releases happiness hormones and automatically puts you in a good mood. An hour of dancing can really work wonders to leave the working day behind you. There's something for everyone here: the elegance of ballet, the fiery moves of salsa, the casual steps of West Coast swing - you decide what suits you! With your work colleagues in tow, you've already secured your dance partner.

Work out with KURZE RIPPE

📍 Weyerstrasse 5

When it comes to stress relief, boxing is the unbeatable champion. Each punch not only lets out frustrations, but also releases plenty of endorphins. So here you get - in the truest sense of the word - the after-work punch! For Lisa, it's now once a week: grab your boxing gloves and knock out the stress.

Do you also want to enjoy free sports and wellness? Then suggest to your employer that they invest in the well-being of you and everyone else with Urban Sports Club!

& this is how you proceed:

1️⃣ On the Urban Sports Club website you will find all the information & convincing arguments for company fitness

2️⃣ You can also recommend your company directly there and when you sign a contract you will receive 3 months Urban Sports Club free of charge.

What are your favorite workouts to relax or get new energy after work?

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