February 14 is Valentine's Day again, which means it's time to think of little gifts for your loved ones. Are you still at a loss when it comes to finding ideas? Then how about this: Trees instead of flowers. Treedom makes it possible.

Flowers wither, trees grow. So why not give a tree as a gift? The Treedom platform has been making this possible for more than 10 years. On the website, you can sponsor trees anywhere in the world in just a few steps and also give them as a gift. Once the tree has been planted by a smallholder farmer, you can watch it grow online for the rest of its life.

How to give a tree as a gift

Go to the Treedom website and browse through the tree database. Of course, there are also a few particularly suitable trees for Valentine's Day: for example, the "Love is in the Air " or "Best Friends" tree couples. Or you can cater to the individual taste of the recipient and give an avocado or mango tree as a gift. Prices range between 14.90 and 59.90 euros.

You can then give the tree as a gift with a personal dedication directly via a printable gift card, email, Facebook or even WhatsApp - you can of course also specify the date of dispatch. Once the tree has been purchased, the fun really begins for the recipient.

Each tree has its own online profile page, is geolocated, photographed when it is transplanted and can help the user to offset their own CO2 production. From now on, the recipient can take care of the donated tree themselves, track its growth using a tree diary, give it a name and thus a personal touch. All of this is completely transparent and takes place on the Treedom platform itself.

The social benefit

Your Treedom tree belongs to a smallholder farmer. With your tree donation, a seedling from a tree nursery goes directly to a small farmer who plants it on his or her own small piece of land. Treedom is the digital bridge between you and the smallholders in a total of 17 countries.

There are around 20 trees per small farmer, all mixed, so that he/she can harvest all year round. Until the tree bears fruit, Treedom supports the farmers with money, equipment and training so that they can ideally become small agar "companies" and generate a sustainable income.

No matter which way you look at this extraordinary gift - Treedom is a very special initiative that will hopefully soon be heard even more. After all, loving people are everywhere and should be appreciated every single day. Which doesn't mean you have to buy a whole forest, but share your now exquisite knowledge of Treedom. Hopefully, on February 14th and many, many other days, your trees will be planted somewhere in the world and you can follow their "growth" for the rest of your life.

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