Sweet, sweeter, knick-knacks. 🥰
Together with Sparkasse KoelnBonn, we explored the enchanting district of Nippes. Passing beautiful old buildings, green parks and some delicious restaurants, four places in particular stuck in our minds that you should definitely visit:

We reveal our highlights in Nippes here:

Pearl fisherman

If you have a heart for special little things, you should definitely spend an hour browsing at Perlenfischer. There's a whole wall full here - with over 600 stamp designs, there are motifs for every idea! There are also all kinds of other highlights from selected labels: pens, notebooks and lots of other little things.
To be honest: Even those who weren't looking for anything will find something here!

📍Neusser Str. 241
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the coffee kiosk

Our all-time favorite in Nippes: KaffeKisok on Wilhelmplatz!
Not only can you get incredibly tasty coffee here, but also delicious sodas and snacks such as muffins, croissants and sandwiches.
It's the perfect place to sit in the sun and watch the hustle and bustle on Wilhelmplatz.
Nice To Know: Mon-Sat you can also stroll through the weekly market from 7 am & then get a delicious drink at the KaffeeKiosk. NICE!

📍Wilhelmplatz 1a in the grandstand on the square
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Right next door you'll find Mooii: a store specializing in second-hand fashion and plants. Once you walk through the entrance, you feel like you're standing in a small jungle in the middle of Cologne. From huge banana plants to small favorites - Mooii has it all. Right next to it are all kinds of cool vintage pieces! 😎

📍Wilhelmstraße 54
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Anguli Coffee

A heartfelt recommendation from us for all those who love very special coffee: Anguli Coffee
Max and Cora have made their dream of specialty coffee come true and opened a sweet café right in the heart of Nippes.
Right on Schillplatz, you can get your coffee just the way you like it!

📍Mauenheimer Str. 28
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Nippeser Tälchen

The Nippeser Tälchen is just a few minutes' walk from Anguli Coffee. Read a book in peace, take a walk or simply enjoy the sun - this is the perfect place to find peace and quiet & the best thing is: it doesn't even cost anything!

📍 Niehler Kirchweg 32
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NICE TO KNOW: Say goodbye to that annoying change in your pocket. We paid with our Sparkasse KölnBonn card at all the places we visited. So, which of our favorite places in Nippes will you visit next?

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