Good food at Christmas is a MUST! As Christmas is the festival of love, no one has to suffer to make their plate look mouth-watering. In 2021, we're dining fine and vegan! Try something new! We present three really good food blogs that will help you turn your plate into an absolute eye-catcher!

Let's start with perhaps the tastiest of them all:

Sugar & hunting sausage! That's Isa and Julia. They have been running their food blog since April 2016 and show that vegan cuisine really can be anything (except boring 😉). You can also listen to them since 2019. In their podcast, they talk about all the things that keep us busy in the vegan kitchen.

Isa and Julia are not fans of counting calories and love classic dishes. From hearty cuisine to the sweetest of sweet treats, they really do have it all. Are you missing a good gourmet fillet or are you in the mood for a nougat almond cream cake? No problem. Isa and Julia try their hand at cooking until every recipe is perfect. In their Wünsch Dir Was! category, the two of them are always creating vegan recipes that you wish for!

It goes without saying that the two of them also bring the absolute hits to your plates at Christmas. How about vegan cabbage rolls and gingerbread mousse with caramelized oranges for dessert? to be honest, every recipe sounds so fabulously good that we might have to celebrate Christmas for two weeks!

Click here for the recipes for your Christmas dinner:


Photo: Zucker & Jagdwurst

Another woman who enriches our lives with incredibly tasty recipes is Bianca Zapatka. Her kitchen mainly contains fresh, plant-based ingredients, which she uses to create dishes that are easy to recreate. If Bianca's plate is one thing, then it's definitely colorful & of course super tasty. She was practically born into cooking and baking. No wonder a food blog wasn't long in coming.

Vegan bread dumplings with red cabbage and a crispy roast including gravy? Tastes even better when followed by mini apple pies - foodies take note! You can find the highlight on your Christmas table here:


Photo: Bianca Zapatka & Daily Vegan

Rack of lamb, leg of goose and juicy fan-fried apples & all completely vegan - SAY WHAT?

No problem at all with Daily Vegan. The plate really does always look perfect here. Sean Moxie, the trained chef behind the food blog, also whips up nice everyday recipes in his fancy haute cuisine that everyone can copy.

Of course, his Christmas table is also more than festively laid & with a little patience and muse, the treats will be on your table too. & click here for the blog:


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