Festivals & Open Air in Cologne

In summer, the festival and open air season really gets going. Rausgegangen Festival, Pollerwiesen, Südstadt Fest or Summerjam? Here you will find the best festivals around and in Cologne. Often we also give away guest lists. Pack your tent and check out the best music acts. ALL EYES ON!

Festivals, street festivals and open airs in Cologne

Cologne and its surroundings are known for a variety of festivals and open air events. From music festivals to culinary celebrations, there is something for everyone to experience. The festival season usually begins in the spring and continues into the fall. During this time, several well-known music festivals take place in Cologne and the surrounding area. Visitors:inside from all over the world come here to enjoy the great music and the special atmosphere. Another highlight are the numerous open-air events that take place in the summer. These events offer a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful summer days outdoors and experience a variety of activities - which is your favorite summer event?