2 Stündchen - Die 2 Stunden Party

In the organizer's words:

2 hours - The Blitz party every Wednesday in the wine cellar!

What are 2 hours... Quickly over and nothing done. Think! You could watch a soccer game, including overtime. Watch a whole movie, of course with credits. You could hold a church service, fly all the way to Palma, clean all your windows. You could try to drive over the B1 at noon or wait for your pizza on Sundays. Charge your cell phone completely, walk around Lake Phoenix 2 times, or help friends move.

It's even said that Chuck Norris could have done the 7 day race in just 2 hours! You could run a half marathon where you can't wait to be faster than time. You could also just have the demolition of your life on Wednesdays in the wine cellar in 2 hours! Forget everything you knew about flash parties, because we're kicking it up a notch. It starts at 21:00 sharp. No bouncer song. No compromises for 2 hours, straight to the face. The countdown is on!

The fast facts: 2 hours - The Blitz party every Wednesday in the wine cellar!

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Price information:

3€ Mdvz. Every Wednesday 21:30 - 00:00.


Weinkeller Dortmund Märkische Str. 22 44141 Dortmund

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