2G - ALFILM Arab Film Festival Berlin

In the organizer's words:

Documentary, director: Karim Sayad, Lebanon/Switzerland, 2023, 77 min, Tamahaq, Hausa with En. ST

Agadez, 2021. Following the ban of unlawful migrants transportation by the Niger government, four former smugglers struggle to make a living. Facing the lack of perspectives, Ibrahim, Abdelsalam, Daouda and El Bak embark on a journey through the Sahara to join dozens of gold diggers lost in the middle of the desert. Between hopes and disillusions, Karim Sayad's camera follows these men, shedding the light on their fight to survive in an increasingly hostile and unstable environment, all the while capturing the beauty of the desert and the resilience of its inhabitants. 2G premiered in the 36th edition of IDFA and was nominated for Best Cinematography at the Swiss Film Award.

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SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA Lindower Straße 20 13347 Berlin

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