33 Frauen

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In the organizer's words:

"33 Women" with a new cast:

The world is full of banging women. Always have been. They rock politics, art and science. And their private lives? They manage that on the side too, of course. But the spotlight is usually on their colleagues rocking their balls. Actress Kübra Sekin has had enough and is clearing the stage for 33 special women. Women who have changed the world and women who are working to change the world. Sekin not only introduces them and their topics, but also confronts the audience with what it means (and has meant) to be a woman in our world.
On this evening, 33 women receive the fame they deserve and represent millions more who deserve it. There are still many battles to be fought on the road to equality. The patriarchy may be down for the count, but it is far from over.

Jay Leno, Larry King, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon? Men make way for the host of the century: Kübra Sekin. Finally, the important topics are put on the table in a format that is so late at night that it sometimes takes place in the morning. Polemical fem-power with a menstrual background.

COMEDIA dream team Manuel Moser and Sibel Polat, who have been working together for a long time, are staging a play together for the first time.

Cast Kübra Sekin, Sefa Küsku
Development & production Manuel Moser, Sibel Polat
Stage and costume ensemble
Music Kaleo Sansaa
Video Hans Diernberger
Dramaturgy c.t.201 Katja Winke
Dramaturgy COMEDIA Anna Stegherr
Theater pedagogy Sibel Günbatan
Assistant director Deborah Krönung

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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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