70mm – TENET (Chritopher Nolan, USA/GB 2020)

In the organizer's words:

Equipped with a single word - the palindrome Tenet - the nameless CIA agent (John David Washington as the "black Bond") must set off in search of the source of "inverted munitions" - objects that are coded backwards in time. On his mission, which seems to unfold beyond real time, he meets the Russian oligarch Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh), who deals in plutonium and apparently acts as an intermediary between the future and the present. "Christopher Nolan's films test the run-up to the end, the interweaving of times, the achronology, the causal interpenetration of time levels, the deception, the emptiness - and ultimately the loss of an identity that would too gladly reconstitute itself. In this existential-philosophical experimentation with cinematic means of expression, TENET proves to be a high point in Nolan's oeuvre. The visualization of several time levels in one image is aesthetically virtuosic and technically innovative and allows the film's intended multiple coding as action fireworks, suspense cinema and philosophical essay to succeed emphatically." (Marcus Stiglegger)

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Arsenal Potsdamer Str. 2 10785 Berlin

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