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"What do you do at this point in your career when you've been at it for so long?" That's Lori S. from ACID KING in San Francisco. These days, she's asking the big questions. The veteran guitarist and frontwoman has been building her electric empire, riff by riff, for nearly 30 years. Though ACID KING's lineup may change, Lori remains the driving force and the master cylinder. Adopting the moniker of notorious teenage hunter Ricky Kasso, ACID KING emerged from San Francisco in 1993 and brought forth a sound that fused heavy 70s proto-metal with the kind of slow-rolling gloom of their contemporaries "Sleep" and "Electric Wizard". The band's debut 10" record, released in 1993, was followed two years later by their first full-length album "Zoroaster" (Sympathy For The Record Industry), which laid the foundation for a trio of important releases on Frank Kozik's famous Man's Ruin label, including the EP "Down with the Crown & Free". But it was ACID KING's highly acclaimed 1999 album "Busse Woods " that cemented their reputation with a generation of riff worshippers, stoners and heavy rock fans. Two decades of hard touring and sporadic recording followed. The band released "III" on Small Stone Records in 2005 and - after parting ways with the musicians who had contributed to 2015's "Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere" - Lori formed a touring lineup that ended with the Busse Woods 20th Anniversary Tour in 2019. Lori wasted no time thinking about her next move. The widespread lockdowns that came with the pandemic presented an opportunity to collaborate with Black Cobra guitarist/vocalist Jason Landrian."When we got together and started writing, it was clear that it was much more than an obscure, avant-garde instrumental that we originally had in mind. They were really good songs that we were proud of. It became an ACID KING record." The result is "Beyond Vision", and it's unlike anything ACID KING have released before. The surging, lysergic pulse of " Beyond Vision" marks the beginning of a new era for a band that previously relied almost exclusively on thunderous riffs. But don't be put off: there are flashing guitars galore. "Beyond Vision" is simply ACID KING in widescreen technicolor and interstellar cinemascope. "The songs don't really have a beginning or an end - they just flow into each other. They are meant to be listened to as one piece. The point is that the listener feels like they're on a journey. When you put headphones on, it takes you to any place you want to go. It's that kind of happy feeling that runs through "Beyond Vision". What started as an experiment became a path to a golden future. (Source: Sound of Liberation | Translation: Feierwerk)

Sometimes music should feel strange and indescribable. It's the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic clutter that often feel the most satisfying. This is the space that EARTH TONGUE occupy. Sometimes their songs are jarring and confusing, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly familiar hooks envelop you in a warm, loving embrace. The one common thread that runs through their music, however, is the thick and all-encompassing fuzz. Guitarist Gussie Larkin ('Mermaidens') is a master of the fuzz-soaked riff, and together with Ezra Simons' quirky drumming, they've been transporting listeners to transcendental states since they began performing in their hometown of Wellington in 2016. Following the release of their debut album "Floating Being" in 2019 via Bristol-based label Stolen Body Records, EARTH TONGUE toured Australia, the UK and Europe, earning praise from BBC Radio6, Bandcamp and headbangers around the world. Now based in Auckland, the duo have many more quirky time signatures and robotic harmonies up their sleeves. Watch out for the next EARH TONGUE project at this point as they move away from the sci-fi twists and into the occult with fuzz. (Source: Sound of Liberation | Translation: Feierwerk)

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VVK: 25,00 Euro plus fees


Feierwerk/ Hansa 39 Hansastraße 39 81373 München

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