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In the organizer's words:
RambaZamba Theater & Tomás Saraceno

A play by Thomas Köck

World premiere

With "Aerocircus - a circensic carnivalesque with covered wagons/ against all linearities" the discourse around the climate crisis and inclusive theater are connected. The actors* of RambaZamba Theater gradually make friends with a ruined planetary habitat in the spatial designs of Tomás Saraceno.

On an ecologically devastated planet, the stages are abandoned. Alone a flying circus preserves in its carnivalesque archive the boldest dreams of the long vanished human being. This "Aerocircus" conjures up the image of beings without fixed boundaries, always wanting to be plumbed and explored anew. In an ambiguous manege, a tomorrow no longer inhabited by man is visioned in order to act on the lost future. Over time, the ensemble of the circus - the acrobats and tightrope walkers, the clowns and mimes - begin to understand our overheated Earth as an artistic challenge and gradually make friends with the ruined planetary habitat. Performed by the actors of RambaZamba Theater, the artists practice their acrobatic craft in various installations by internationally acclaimed visual artist Tomás Saraceno. His spatial designs stunningly lend evidence and visibility to the web of life in which both the human and non-human inhabitants* of our star are integrated.

"knowledge alone is beautiful but/ you also have to believe in this knowledge" (Thomas Köck).

Artistic Team

Thomas Köck - text

Jacob Höhne - direction

Tomás Saraceno - stage design

Janina Brinkmann - costume

Frank Raddatz - dramaturgy

Leo Solter - composition and music

Henning Streck - lighting design

Realized by

Juliana Götze, Hieu Pham, Zora Schemm, Jonas Sippel, Nele Winkler a. o. This content has been machine translated.

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Haus der Berliner Festspiele Schaperstraße 24 10179 Berlin

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