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Alex Rapp’s hypnotic pop unites experimentation with confession, bringing a unique blend of soulful electronica to the streets of Berlin. The DC native is equal parts vocalist, producer, songwriter and music technologist. With dreamy harmonies and maximalist soundscapes, she unpacks passionate stories of love and heartbreak, drawing you into her sonic world.

Constantly curious, Alex often incorporates new technologies into her art. Most recently, she has been working with the Mimu glove for live performances. The glove enables her to move freely while manipulating her electronic productions, escaping the physical boundaries created by an extensive technical setup. As an Ableton teacher, she has spent much of the last few years teaching music production to youth groups, particularly those focused on empowering young female creatives, such as Beats by Girlz and She Knows Tech. Drawing on her own experiences in the industry, she hopes to empower young women to find their voice and speak their truth.

JEWLS - The songwriter, singer and producer first discovered her love for dark soundscapes, deep bass and different vocals in 2016, which resulted in some deep electronica and techno features. Since then, JEWLS has been finding her way to her own musical language, which she has been continuously refining ever since. Her songwriting has been characterized by a love of experimentation from the very beginning. In her latest singles, JEWLS created her own cinematic soundscapes, carried by her sometimes sensitive and sometimes moody voice. Her voice is an ambivalent expression that oscillates between fragility and night. JEWLS combines striking melodies with stylistic breaks and instrumental experimentation. Shaped by political influences in her biography, the current discourse is important to her music, which lyrically works on gender roles and beauty ideals in social media, ecological issues and selfishness within our capitalist world. In doing so, she does not forget her own role within the system and questions her own standards, which are characterized by double standards. Because we seem to feel the abyss more and more, in all the crises, while we make ourselves comfortable in our dream-digital shelter, which promises us again and again and says: you must be fine, no bad vibes, no bad vibes in our New Balance sneakers.

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Tsunami Club Im Ferkulum 9 50678 Köln

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