Ali Chahrour (Beirut): Told by my Mother

In the organizer's words:

I believe that my aunt Fatima did not die from the cancer that was eating away at her lungs. She died the moment she lost hope of finding her missing son "Hassan". An autopsy after her death revealed that her heart was no longer between her mother's ribs. "Told by my mother" is a dance performance anchored in intimate and heartfelt stories. Stories of iconic mothers and their families, some of whom have scattered or disappeared. We tell their stories so that the memory survives. Some others have remained and live to tell. Their voices take the stage, singing and telling what once was, to save what is left. They dance to survive what remains.

This performance is about intimate family hardships and tragedies of mothers: bodies, voices and hidden little battles in the apartments of Beirut and its suburbs. It brings together Laila Chahrour, the mother with her son Abbas, who decided to join the fighters at the age of 18, and Ali Chahrour, choreographer, dancer and relative of Laila. He tells the story of his aunt "Fatima" (also a cousin of Laila), whose journey was to find her lost child "Hassan", who has been missing in Syria since 2013.

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Theater im Depot Immermanstraße 29 44147 Dortmund

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