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Step into the sonic realm of "Through the Haze" - an electrifying journey curated by the Berlin-based duo AMELI PAUL. Brace yourselves for their Europe Tour that transcends the ordinary, hitting cities like Berlin, Istanbul, London, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, and more!

When Ameli and Paul's paths cross in 2016, they immediately feel the urge to fuse their approaches of making music. Those who have seen them perform live before, know about their unique combination of avant-garde electronic production techniques with neo-classical instrumentation and heart-wrenching storytelling to deliver a groundbreaking journey through sound.

The new live-show "Through the Haze" is an odyssey through the diverse landscapes of electronica. Ameli and Paul weave a mesmerizing tapestry, ranging from technoid dancefloor tracks to delicate ballads, escalations and eventually the audacious fusion of opera with electronic beats. On stage Ameli and Paul create an unparalleled energy that resonates within the clubs, guiding the audience through an emotional rollercoaster that culminates in a euphoric unity.

After supporting Monolink on his Europe tour and playing on festivals like Fusion, MS Dockville or Woomoon, Ameli Paul invite you to join an intimate gathering of music enthusiasts for a night that promises to be genuine, unique, and unforgettable.

Secure your tickets now and prepare to lose yourself in the mystique of "Through the Haze".


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Säälchen Holzmarktstr. 25 10243 Berlin


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