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Disarming magic straight from the Ruhr area - direct, funny and straightforward!
You can't get any closer to a secret...

Amila presents her first solo in her own Suite Magic Theater in Bochum.
"With the weapons of a woman" Amila amazes the audience in her very own way... Her secret is her originality, wit and the desire to give the audience an unforgettable experience. The well-known Israeli mentalist Uri Geller emphasized this explicitly in his TV show. Amila is a unique phenomenon in the illusion scene.

In short, she is the secret!

And now she is following her passion and performing magic up close with the audience. You can look over her shoulder and directly at her fingers - pure excitement! You can't get any closer to a secret, but you will enjoy it!

On stage & close up!

- In February 2023, Amila was the only magician in Germany to open her own 22-seat magic theater - the "Suite Magic Theater" in Bochum has since become her own living room.
Experience Amila with her magical show in the beautiful ambience... the Suite Magic Theater!

Director: Marc Gettmann - Photo: Marcus O. Lorra

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SUITE MAGIC THEATER Harpener Feld 11 44805 Bochum

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AMILA • Mit den Waffen einer Frau
AMILA • Mit den Waffen einer Frau Harpener Feld 11 44805 Bochum

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