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Anatomie der guten Hoffnung - Teil 3: READY TO POP

In the organizer's words:

By Cora Sachs

Ready to pop? Ready to party? The confetti cannon is loaded, the diaper cake is baked. Will it be a she/her, a he/him, or a they/them? Times have changed. That's a good thing!

The possibilities seem endless. Birth has become individual. Well cared for and monitored, photographed and measured, it's off into the birth canal. Pain? Overcome! - Uncertainty? Abolished! - Contraception? No problem! Birth today seems to be running smoothly. But where do these voices come from that tell of birth on an assembly line and violence? Why do we still hear: "Why don't I have any power over my body?"

In the present, the conflicts are blurred at first glance: mortality has fallen sharply in the global North, education and care are assured. The pregnant body is marketed as a shrill temple of consumption.

We look in all directions and find the most diverse realities of life; we stick our heads out of our own bubble and find the differences behind the neighboring door; we look back and trace the traces that National Socialism has left on the birthing system.

So how can we tell the story of a time that seems intangible? How can we look from the outside when we are all standing in the deep mire? Let's listen to the voices, let the experts speak and use the theater to look at our own from a distant world.

A production of the Hamburg. Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of "Neustart Kultur - Back to Stage".

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