PHOTO: © Mehmet Vanli

Anima Henn: Skirts in Fur, Unwinding

In the organizer's words:

What if?
If only we wouldn't be lonely.
What if boredom gave rise to fantasy worlds.
What if loneliness went swimming after multiplication.
A lady brushes it off, her loneliness.
Like a matryoshka doll, she multiplies herself.
She builds her friends,
children and fantasy figures and maybe one day they will dance a waltz.

"Skirts in fur, unwinding" is a stage piece for 4 dancers. It is dedicated to the exploration of various dream worlds with the help of personal dream experiences, art, mythology and AI. Old and new works of art are presented through dance. The dancers merge into objects and bizarre figures. Bones grow out of a very large skirt - initially a human sculpture. We work with illusions to allow figures to double and multiply. "Skirts in fur, unwinding" playfully opens up the symbiosis of poetry and surrealism, grace and scurrility. The boundaries between dream and reality become blurred.

Choreography: Anima Henn | Dance: Ilaria Bagarolo, Chris-Pascal Englund Braun, Lea Markgraf, Michelle Munoz | Music: Daniel Door | Lighting: Ludwig Rainer | Costume: Maxi Schwarzkopf | Dramaturgy: Chris-Pascal Englund Braun | Production: Beli Hennig.

Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, BLZT - Bayerischer Landesverband für zeitgenössischen Tanz with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

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Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik Dachauer Straße 114a 80636 München

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