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Antifuchs announces new album "FEMINEM" for fall 2023 Seven concerts in Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Hanover and Berlin

"FEMINEM" - that's the title of the new Antifuchs album. And that actually says it all... In more detail and without mincing words, the artist puts it like this: "Fuck this women's rap stigma!" (DER SPIEGEL).

With an attitude that lies in the golden mean between Kool Savas, Limp Bizkit and Girl Gang in the skate park, Antifuchs manifests her status as the next King of Rap. Anyone who gets to know the Slim Lady realizes that the Kazakhstan-born fox belongs to the crème de la crème of German rap MCs; both on record and on stage:

Period! But why the black fox mask? The reason is simple: "anti-personality cult". Antifuchs wants to present itself to unbiased listeners and focus on its art. There is no pandering to a cliché, a gender or a value system such as clicks & charts, even if this path is arduous: "When I started this shit, man, I just wanted to be the best, I didn't know being the best didn't mean being the best. I thought it would work, but I'd be more successful if I was naked!" (Antifuchs - "FEMINEM")

WOLFPACK Entertainment, the Berlin-based German rap label and management institution with a nose for the next important rap act from Germany, recognized the artist's great potential long before such lines were written. Antifuchs' debut album "STOLA" was released in March 2018. A broad presence within the hip-hop media was followed by numerous interviews in mainstream formats such as 3Sat Kulturzeit, THCene and a four-page artist portrait in the Spiegel anniversary issue "100 Years of Women's Suffrage". Her second album "LOVE, WEED & MITTELFINGER" followed in 2019 and her anniversary EP "ZURÜCK IM FUXXXBAU" was released in 2021.

This was followed by an engagement at the Munich Volkstheater. Antifuchs wrote and performed the soundtrack to the dystopian, socio-critical trap opera entitled "cloud*s*cape" (ran from Nov. 2021 to Feb. 2023).

The solo album "FEMINEM" is the latest highlight from the pen of Antifuchs.

Disarstar, Swiss, Nessi, Beka and Kulturerbe Achim round off the new tracks for listeners as musical guests. The work was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tacka77 at the established Riverside Studio in Berlin - connoisseurs will read the recording accolade out of this sentence and nod appreciatively!

Antifuchs not only dances at their own weddings, but also at various others. This doesn't irritate their fans, however, but gradually adds up to a rousing overall picture:

  • A tour with metalcore band Callejon or Bluthund? - Why not?
  • As a German rap act, a complete demolition at the Fusion Festival? - Hold my beer!
  • A corporate event with Billy Boy Kondomen or headlining the Mary Jane? - With pleasure!
  • A club banger with underground rap legend Frauenarzt? - That's totally possible!
  • Talks about German rap and feminism? - That fits too!
  • Ambassador for EXIT, the program to get out of the right-wing scene? - Then she founds the initiatives "NO SEX WITH NAZIS" and "NO SPORT WITH NAZIS", raises money and donates it!

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Antifuchs is characterized by a versatility and restlessness that is second to none. The media are also constantly interested:

Germania, Yo! MTV Raps, DIFFUS Magazine or a soundtrack song for the Netflix film "Freaks" are just four of the many formats that have worked with the artist.

Nevertheless, it is clear that not everyone can love Antifuchs. Those who do, however, would die for her. With the AntiArmy, Antifuchs can count on an exceptionally dedicated and loyal fan base. The support and the atmosphere at concerts have become notorious, in a positive sense.

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