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Augsburger Dult – Freiluft-Shoppen seit über 1000 Jahren

In the organizer's words:

Augsburg Dult

At over 1000 meters, the Dult is the longest open-air shopping street in Augsburg. It is idyllically and historically embedded along the former city wall on the city moat. The numerous visitors - also from the region - underline the great economic importance of the Dult for Augsburg.

Traders were already selling their goods at markets in Augsburg over 1000 years ago. The Dult was first mentioned in the city charter in 1276. The Dult used to be located in Maximilianstraße. Since 1885, the fall and Easter Dult have been held between Jakobertor and Vogeltor.

The name Dult, tult in Old High German, is derived from the Latin word indultum. In the ecclesiastical sense, this meant indulgence (remission of sins). Especially on days when great promises of indulgences were made, markets were held near the churches where pilgrims were fed and goods were offered. Gradually, however, the term also came to be used for other markets and festivals and Dult became synonymous with fair.

Osterdult / Frühjahrsdult / Georgidult

The Osterdult always begins on Holy Saturday and lasts 16 days.

Opening hours: The Dult is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

Michaelidult / Herbstdult

The Michaelidult traditionally opens its doors on the Saturday after September 27. In contrast to the Osterdult, the Herbstdult is only open for 9 days. The market traders are there for you from 10:00 to 19:00 (opening hours)!

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The Dult takes place between Jakobertor and Vogeltor (City-Galerie) in Augsburg's city center. The stalls are set up in the streets Vogelmauer and Obere Jakobermauer.

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