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Solo show Dana James

Opening Saturday, February 03, 3-6pm

February 03 to March 10, Fridays 11am-3pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm and by appointment

Dana James' solo exhibition explores the artist's acceptance of and resistance to beauty, the duality of femininity, and the contradictions of man-made artworks in a natural world.

Bursting with luminosity, the works fuse bright airy pastels with recycled canvases to achieve the desired level of contradiction and controversy. As a result, large fields of flat color are balanced by a flood of marks. These marks are like scars on otherwise flawless skin - translucent but permanent and steeped in history. Important to the artistic process is to create selective moments with the changing light in each work. It can be a literal glow created by various treatments and iridescent pigments, reminiscent of the sparkle of the ocean, the magic felt as a child in the natural world, and the flash of color just before falling asleep. It is hard not to see traces of iridescence flickering across the surface like the wings of a dragonfly in the moonlight, indicating transformation and direction within the moving composition of the painting. James also incorporates straight lines and clear contours into the amorphous areas of color that largely define each painting. This provides structure and at the same time emphasizes the autonomy of the painting through incisions and oblique strokes.

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Bode Gallery Reinbeckstraße 29 12459 Berlin

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