In the organizer's words:

An ordinary flat share. The slob, the popular one, the one who's never at home and the oddball. All completely normal. Apart from the fact that they are ancient, powerful beings. Ancient deities who used to play with human destinies like others play with cards.

It could all be so nice if it weren't for the immortal parents and the odd inter "human" relationship...

A queer look at ancient mythology, packaged as an absurd chamber play in which the characters try to get rid of their human problems and are drawn further and further into the abyss of human existence.

Content warning

Sexual content, explicit language, drug use

Thematization of domestic violence & abusive behavior


Director: Gianluca Mangione

Text: Rica Hellige, Gianluca Mangione, Mo Schluchter

Ensemble: Nadine Brinkhoff, Egon Bröske, Megan Fast, Rica Hellige, Gianluca Mangione, Mo Schluchter

Assistant director: Nadine Brinkhoff

Dramaturgy: Pepa Ulrich, Lina Bonke

Costume: Egon Bröske

Set: Mo Schluchter

Choreography: Megan Fast

Sex education support: Rica Hellige

Photos: Timo Vogt

Video: Sean Witzke

Lighting design: Silvio Marx

Special thanks to: Junis Bröske, Oliver Höing, Sophia Fabian from the podcast 'Greek Mythology - Chaos and its Children'

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metropol Theater Eifelstraße 33 50677 Köln