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Beatles an Board

In the organizer's words:

Babette, Jeanette and Raclette, three French flight attendants from the airline "Jetbaguette", are flying from Ludwigshafen to Paris with their passengers on board and us in the audience. But everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong on this flight: The co-pilot lies dead in the overhead locker, the food on board runs out, the plane turns out to be in a very bad state and the drunken captain flies off. But Babette, Jeanette and Rac- lette have the situation fully under control. No mishap, no matter how embarrassing, upsets them: on the contrary, they try to distract the passengers from the numerous mishaps and keep them happy with a sophisticated "entertainment program". But despite all the musical ideas, can they really prevent the engine failure, the impending ditching on the Rhine "With a little help from my friends" or the impending crash? "This plane is absolutely sischer. As long as it doesn't go up in the air." Three delightful juice-pushers with a beat try to distract from the numerous mishaps and keep the passengers happy with an elaborate "Unter'altungsprogramm" consisting of Beatles songs. Three daring women in uniform rock, jazz and swing to their hearts' content. Fasten your seatbelts or you won't be able to stay in your seats. This fun will have your laugh muscles fighting the urge to dance - have a good flight! A must, not only for fans of the legendary mushroom heads and their music.

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Prinzregenten Theater Prinzregentenstraße 45 67063 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

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