Bernd Kohlhepp und Uli Boettcher - …denn sie wissen (noch) nicht, was sie tun… - Das Impro-Duell

In the organizer's words:

An evening like a surprise bag! This program has amazing surprises in store - especially those that not even Boettcher and Kohlhepp know about.
The two thoroughbred cabaret artists plunge into a duel in which the shreds fly and not a dry eye is left in the house.
Kohlhepp and Boettcher celebrate the great art of improvisation in an evening show and yet always have the audience's favor in mind.
You can find out unbelievable things: for example, what will happen on your skiing vacation that you haven't even started yet.
Or what secrets are waiting to be discovered in your bicycle cellar. Don't miss out when your favorite film is played with a completely different (perhaps much better) ending.
Bring your photos with you if you don't already have them on your cell phone: Send your photos or messages to
The two will incorporate them into their improv duel to the delight of their audience. Because only one thing is certain on this evening: you will be surprised.
And if you are not surprised, we would be very surprised if the two gentlemen hijack aspects of their lives and discover completely new stories with their unmistakable means (unrestrained singing, almost inhuman acrobatics and impressive combinatorics)...
Kohlhepp and Boettcher are both main prizewinners of the Baden-Württembergischer Kleinkunstpreis (2015 and 2012).
They performed the impromptu film WINNETOU IV and the dementia play "DER UNSICHTBARE HUND".
Bernd Kohlhepp has been a member of the Harlekin Theater Ensemble in Tübingen for many years and Uli Boettcher is a co-founder of the Ravensburg counterpart.
The latest Gefahrgut program "...denn sie wissen (noch) nicht, was sie tun... - Das Impro-Duell" is very much in this tradition - and goes a big step further.

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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