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BHZ "TOUR 2024"

A total of over 40 shows, sold-out halls, festival stages closed due to overcrowding: That's the balance of BHZ Summer 2022. Already since their first musical successes in 2018, the eight guys from Berlin-Schöneberg, a district in the south of the capital, have been the talk of the town - and not least because of their rousing live shows. How much energy is in the combination of Dead Dawg, Ion Miles, Big Pat, Monk, Longus Mongus, MotB, Samy and Themba becomes clear at the latest when the guys enter a stage together. With a lot of love for detail and unmistakable power BHZ prove musical ability and stage presence. You can almost feel: The stage is the place where the guys feel comfortable. A BHZ concert is much more than a classic show with a fixed schedule - even with the ever-growing crowd and hall size, the direct proximity to the audience and interaction with the fans is what makes the shared experience.

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Max Schmeling Halle Falkplatz 1 10437 Berlin

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