PHOTO: © Alessa Patzer


In the organizer's words:

Elevator music, emotions, noise. We find it difficult to put our music into words.
Offbeat. Details. Grooves. Harbor freedom vacation dreams.
Parzival. We try to tell stories in our songs.

To roar the anger out of our souls or to formulate it very gently, because sometimes you are just sad and have no strength to roar. Social Parasite. We compose sophisticated arrangements so that the audience has something to listen to.
But not always, sometimes we just want to party without thinking about it.
Shambles. Band rehearsal is always psychotherapy for those who want it - but you can also just dance in therapy or band rehearsal and feel better afterwards.
That's what music is supposed to do, make you and us feel better afterwards or with it. And we are proud to be able to present our musical results to you. (Source: Bandinfo)

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Sunny Red Hansastraße 41 81373 München

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