In the organizer's words:

The performance is interpreted into German sign language!

It takes one minute for our blood to flow through our entire body. Second by second, our heart pumps blood through our body and supplies us with oxygen. It is chased from the center through our entire system, with the most diverse tasks. Pumping, pulsating, healing, drying, transporting, sticking and decaying. It forms the red thread on our planet Earth. Like a ball of wool with different shades of red. With all its shades, it holds life together. Responsible for the thrill of emotions and the routine of breathing, it guides us through our lives with determination. But you can't buy its red thread in an online store. It is there. It prevents individual components from being strung together incoherently. If that is the case, then the red thread has most likely missed its way into my life. But maybe I just haven't discovered it yet. Maybe I shouldn't listen to my center anymore. Or should I?

Performed by the theater collective Performer*innen:
Charlotte Bachmann, Maristella Camesi, Jesse Schwantes, Dina NabarAbampour, Florentine Nies, Lorca Marmulla, Jella Lüschen, Lina Koller, Finja Lampa, Caroline Reuter, Nina Ivkovic, Sahra Aytar, Frida Thoma

Stage direction: Maximilian von Ulardt
Assistance: Chujun Li
Set & costume: Franziska Ferrari

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COMEDIA Theater Vondelstraße 4-8 50677 Köln

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